Friday, November 28, 2014

Can GOP Presidential Hopefuls Trust Reince Priebus?

Before Reince Priebus became head of the Republican National Committee, he was the head of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Naturally, this meant he was close with many of the top Republican politicians of the state, especially Scott Walker.

Emails that were released from the original John Doe investigation into Walker's campaign, commonly known as Walkergate, reveal just how close they were.

In his 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Walker was being primaried by former Congressman Mark Neumann.

One email showed that one of Priebus' right hand men, Jonathan Waclawski, was vetting a open records request to send to Walker's office to explore what Neumann was trying to find out about Walker. Said ORR was also being run past Walker's campaign and shared with his county staff in advance:

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Another email from the John Doe investigation showed that Priebus himself would get involved by tipping off Walker regarding attack points Neumann planned on using:

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As the gentle reader can see, Priebus had no problems playing favorites in that gubernatorial primary.

Now that he is the head of the RNC (and has brought Waclawski with him), it would not be any great leap of logic to question if Priebus would also play favorites in a presidential primary.

Between Priebus possibly sabotaging other candidates campaigns and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and potential presidential candidate, manipulating things as the head of the Republican Governors Association, the behind the scenes infighting in the upcoming GOP presidential primary could be just as much fun to watch - if not more fun - than the public fighting between the numerous candidates.

One might want to stock up on popcorn, because this promises to get rather interesting.

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  1. You nailed it, Capper!

  2. Another scoop, thanks Capper. Interested to see how the RNC defends this.

  3. Do the national republicans know about these and the other John Doe emails?