Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXVIII

The "good news" following Scott Walker's reelection keeps coming in:
The Kmart store in Eau Claire will close to the public in early February, according to a corporate news release.

The store, located at 2424 E. Clairemont Ave., will remain open to customers until February. A liquidation sale begins Nov. 16.

The store closure is part of a series of actions to reduce on-going expenses, adjust the asset base and accelerate the transformation of our business model, the news release states.

The store has 93 employees, most of which are part time. Associates that are eligible will receive severance and have the opportunity to apply for open positions at other area Sears or Kmart stores.
Again and again, we continue to see stores pulling out of Wisconsin because they are underproducing. And the reason they are underproducing is because the people simply don't have the money to spend on anything but the very basics, and all too often, the people don't even have enough money for just the basics.

This blame for this issue falls directly on Walker, who tanked the economy so that he could give our money to his wealthy campaign donors.


  1. As far as I know, that particular store has been in business since the early-to-mid 60's. That's really, really the end of an era at 2424 E. Clairemont Ave.

  2. A K-Mart store closes in Eau Claire and THAT is your evidence of a failing economy? The troubled K-Mart brand? Not Target or Kohl's or Macy's? You do realize the state added 8,400 private sector jobs (net gain) in the last reported month? BTW: the election is over. It was in all the papers.

    1. Blaska, how come WEDC hasn't helped to keep a large, multi-location, corporation, which provides jobs, in as much good shape as possible?

      ASHLEY FURNITURE got a WEDC check and then some, simply since they can't compete because of the crap town they opened up by, why did one big company get WalkerCash, and the other did not get WalkerCash.

  3. WEDC on November 7th announced the resignation of its COO Ryan Murray.

  4. Yes because it is the only store that has closed in the last four years.

    About those 8400 jobs

  5. Well, I bit and followed the link. Nothing but a discarded Eric Schnurer talking point. Now here's a link for you, Jeff: 825 jobs available in retail — in Milwaukee alone.,-WI-jobs.html

    1. Wisconsin’s pivotal race for governor, both sides are still spinning voters.
      ◾Republican Gov. Scott Walker is crowing about a gain of 8,400 jobs last month, when the actual gain in total jobs was only 300.
      ◾Walker is saying his state now ranks in the “top four” in the Midwest for job creation. But the state’s job gains still lag behind the national average.
      ◾A liberal group is attacking Walker for creating a tax deduction of up to $10,000 for “millionaires … to send their kids to private schools.” But the deduction is for parochial schools, too. And parents of any income level can benefit.
      ◾Ads even suggest Wisconsin voters may find arsenic in their drinking water because Walker approved an open-pit iron mine for a campaign donor. The mine is actually years away from final approval and would be subject to state and federal environmental regulation.
      ◾A business group’s ad attacking Democratic nominee Mary Burke suggests her performance as head of the state’s Department of Commerce was responsible for a loss of 130,000 jobs. In fact, the state gained nearly 50,000 jobs during her tenure.

    2. You are arguing the magnitude of job growth in Wisconsin under Walker, not denying there was job growth. In so doing, you are refuting the impression his blog was meant to convey, that Wisconsin is bleeding jobs, not growing them. But you will note that my post discussed "private sector" jobs; not government jobs. But nice try.

      Your last 4 points are off-topic and irrelevant.

    3. DB, you claimed 8,400 jobs were created, when in fact, 300 were. So much for facts with you. 300 net jobs is pathetic: no wonder Ryan Murray had to go!

      Yes, Wisconsin is bleeding jobs badly, and it's bad for our economy, regardless of whether we lose private or public sector paying jobs. Every job lost is less money spent in our local economies, which leads to less jobs.

  6. It pays to have Walmart as a major donor to your party?