Thursday, November 6, 2014

Robin Vos Is Not A Scholar!


By Jeff Simpson

Robin Vos and his campaign Co-Chair John Nygren held a press conference yesterday telling us of the extreme agenda they planned on ramming through WI.    One thing stood out:

Rep. John Nygren, a Marinette Republican, said during a news conference with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos that the request is a tough sell. He said he doesn't think the system should ask the Legislature to backfill a legislatively imposed tuition freeze
Vos, a Rochester Republican, said the system needs to ensure that instructors teach students and focus research efforts on how to grow the economy, not on, as he put it, "ancient mating habits of whatever."

garsh darn right Robin, who needs that edumactian anywaysemphasis mine)?

He began researching cancer and developing his vaccine during a summer internship at the Rush University Medical Center after his junior year of high school.
The Chicago native said his love for science sparked in fifth grade when his class began using microscopes. Since then, he jumped at every science-related opportunity he could.
“My whole principle is that you don’t build a whole wall in one day, you do it one brick at a time,” he said. “If I don’t cure cancer, as long as I inspire somebody and set up a stepping stone I’m satisfied with that.”
Stonewall, who majors in microbiology, said UW-Madison has fostered his scientific abilities due to the large emphasis it puts on research.



  1. Who the hell is Stonewall? I feel like you left out a paragraph.

  2. So...I take it Vos is required -- by the Catholic bishops in Wisconsin -- to completely lift the private school voucher cap, before they will grant him another annulment?

  3. Sorry its in the link, he is a UW Sophomore who has developed a possible cure for cancer

  4. Vos is now an extremely dangerous little man with a little mind. He now has power, something he's wanted ever since he had that beer dumped on his head. He's going to steamroll anybody and any cause that he doesn't like or that Alec tells him to go after. He will become a little tyrant who perhaps was bullied and he's now going to become Walker's hit man and he's loving the job! Put a little mustache on him and comb his hair to the side and you have that oppressor from 75 years ago. Be very very wary of him...............he's been given an agenda and he on a mission and he doesn't give a crap who he hurts or takes down nor does he care whether Wisconsin gains from his actions!

  5. WI is sinking down to Ole Miss economically, BUT the RethugliCons have had control for four years, and after another two years of their agenda, everyone will run not walk to the polls to vote them out, because they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. It didn't happen in Missouri. Look at what just happened in Wisconsin on November 4, 2014. Anyone who doesn't think it is OK to walk around with a bucket on their foot had to know what was going on in Madison, and they ALL got reelected!

  6. Does Vos have any clue how scientific research is often commercialized into new businesses and jobs?

  7. Yeah yeah yeah...but what are you going to do about it?
    these guys are having a great deal of success while you maroons keep waiting for the return to rationality and rule of law...that does not ever have to return. Plenty of examples of petty tyrants and sociopathic fuktards like vos and walker going far in life while the good people 's bodies are piled up in heaps

  8. Yep, let Vos control this.

    From the UW:

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005 was the nation's fifth most productive intellectual property setting among U.S. universities, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) announced.

    UW-Madison, with 77 patents awarded in 2005, moved up three notches in the rankings of universities or university systems with the most intellectual property activity. In 2004, UW-Madison ranked eighth with 64 patents.

    "The number of patents on technologies emerging from UW-Madison is a direct indicator of the quality of our faculty," says Carl Gulbrandsen, managing director of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

  9. Scott Walker will underfund the UW in his "bold" state budget designed to launch his teabag presidential bid. In addition, Vos and nASS will grind a world class institution back into the stone age. Bend over Miss Forward, the republican agenda is your future.