Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scott Walker Welcomes Chris Christie

By Jeff Simpson

"I don't need people from outside of this state.  This is about me and the people of the state of Wisconsin."  comments by Governor Scott Walker reported by during a campaign stop in Pewaukee this week.

Who knew that Chris Christie lived in Wisconsin?  Is it that hard to tell the truth?  



  1. Not mention all those in Hudson, WI.


  2. With both of them wearing blue shirts they look like triplets!

  3. I see they brought Kleefisch along to offer living proof that they stand behind far behind that you can't see them!

  4. A question I've been asking myself since Christie has been waddling into our state to prop up Walker is...if Christie viewed Walker as a threat to his Presidential goals, do you really think he would be here supporting Walker?

    1. Because Christie is the head of the Republican Governors Association, he's obliged to help Walker, but just not as much as Walker would like.