Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taxpayer Dollars Used For Voter Suppression In Milwaukee

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is a Republican's Republican.

Alexander won her office with a late race-baiting flier against her African American opponent. She's appeared at CPAC, was named a "rising star" by dark money group American Majority, illegally accepted free legal representation from a Bradley Foundation funded lawyer, supports gay bashing Chick Fil A and has accused Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis of supporting infanticide.

Yeah, she's a real pip, alright.

So it comes as no surprise to us in Milwaukee that she used taxpayer money to mail out 7,000 copies of her newsletter which included the information that a photo ID would be needed to vote on Election Day:

Here's a close up of the part in question:

The first problem with this is the fact that US Supreme Court blocked the implementation of this voter suppression law for this election.

But wait! There's more. There's always more.

This matter was quickly brought before the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board who ordered her to immediately send out another postcard - again at the taxpayer expense - to correct the misinformation she distributed.

Per her Facebook page, on Friday - just days before the election - she sent out the correction notice. It is doubtful that the postcards will get to the people in time before Election Day.

Despite the fact that it cost taxpayers thousands of dollars to send out the original mailer and thousands of dollars more to send out the correction, I have a feeling that we won't hear from the conservatives about this waste and fraud.

For me, the unanswered question is that why Alexander sent out only 7,000 of these mailers when she represents more than 50,000 people. You don't suppose that these mailers were targeted at a certain class of voters, do you?

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  1. Here's a wild guess, she sent it out to people who do not have a JS subscription. First off, she would know that those people might think the flyer is fact because they might not be keeping up with the news(even though the JS has become faux news). Secondly, if they can not afford a subscription or do not want to pay money to a corrupt corporation, they might be more apt to vote for Burke. If this low life can get a hundred Dem voters to stay home she has served her master well.

  2. I'm a constituent and I received my postcard on Saturday.

    Hey Anon, a union did the made the same error with a pro Mary Burke flyer are they trying to keep home also?

    1. Again, Sam, you have to say when the union mailer was done and when it was sent. Otherwise, you are just providing a strawman to cover up the crimes committed by Alexander.

      And are you trying to say that the union used taxpayer money twice, in such a wasteful and fraudulent way?

    2. yoSAMite, dip you in some ranch lite and you might be worth something, Meanwhile, you work 8 hours a day, ever? Union sweat got you that. You ever enjoy a weekend, dipshit? Union blood, sweat and tears got you that.


  3. Republicans are big LIARS.

  4. Anon,next you'll be calling us poopy pants.

    CRIMES !!! Now that's funny.

  5. If it weren't a crime, GAB wouldn't have ordered her to correct her lie.