Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flashback Black Friday

Remember this?
First I thought it was bad when Walmart thought it would be a good idea to hold a food drive for their own employees instead of just paying them a living wage.

Then McDonald's comes along and tells their employees to sell off their Christmas gifts so that they can pay their bills.  They also told their workers to cut up their food into little bits to make it last longer.  They, like Walmart, will do anything to help their employees as long as it doesn't require paying them a living wage or giving them benefits.

But these two can't hold a candle to Scott Walker.

Walker's campaign sent out a fundraising email on Friday that really takes the cake (emphasis mine):

Instead of venturing into the cold this Black Friday, stay in and give your children a gift that will keep on giving.

This year, we are celebrating the Holiday Season with a Black Friday special that is better than any deal found in stores. Donate $5, $10 or $25 to help Governor Walker get reelected and save your children from a future of double-digit tax increases and billion dollar budget deficits.

Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season, help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of. Governor Walker is helping Wisconsin move forward to a future where your children and grandchildren can experience:
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Improved Schools
  • Freedom From Government Dependence
The Governor wants his sons to grow up in a Wisconsin as great as the one he grew up in. When asked why he never stopped fighting for Wisconsin during the Recall, Governor Walker says he has two reasons, his sons Matt and Alex.

With your help, Governor Walker is enacting reforms that are securing a strong state for the future of Wisconsin’s children. This Black Friday, donate $5, $10 or $25 to help Governor Walker win reelection so he can continue to help Wisconsin move forward.

A strong Wisconsin is the best gift you can give.


Taylor Palmisano
Friends of Scott Walker
Yes, you read that correctly.

Walker is telling people to not bother buying their children any Christmas presents. Instead, they should give the money that they would have spent on their children and give it to Walker's campaign. 

And what would Walker do with that money? Besides using it to jet around the country schmoozing the big money campaign contributors who would help him buy another election and pay for his legal cooperation fund, not much.

And if he were to be reelected again, you can count on him making life even worse for our children. He would finish privatizing education, he would kick more kids off of Badger Care and he would loosen child labor laws. 

Nothing shows the Christmas spirit like denying your kids their gifts so that you can give the money to someone who would only screw them over again.

I wouldn't be surprised if Walker comes out with another book soon - a spin off of A Christmas Carol.  Except in Walker's version, Bob Cratchett sells Tiny Tim's crutch and gives the money to Scrooge.

ADDENDUM: There are some people that are questioning the veracity of the email cited in this post.  To belay those concerns, here is a screen capture of the email.  Note at the bottom where it cites that it is being paid for by the Friends of Scott Walker:

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