Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Scott Walker Versus Jay Cutler

Scott Walker is very proud of himself because one of his campaign staffers sent out the following tweet:

Two things:

One, Walker might have more wins than Cutler, but Cutler has done more good for Wisconsin than Walker.

Two, if we look at both of them just on their poor performances, Cutler might be able to beat Walker in an election.


  1. Leave it to the classless walker to display his utter lack of sportsmanship and kick a guy when he is down.

    This is exactly how he thinks about half the State's population. It's exactly how he will feel when he implements Act 10 on the Firefighters and Police. And it is exactly how he feels about the Rubes he got to vote for him.

    Hey Scotty, Cutler has already done one thing you will never do, EARN a Bachelors degree.

  2. Replies
    1. No this has absolutely nothing to do with humor. Scooter is bragging up his win and kicking someone when he's done. Walker is a turd and anyone who thought this was funny is a moron. Yes, I have been a Packer fan for longer than you've been on this earth Dave. Now I know why you support Walker, neither of you have any sense of class.

    2. Yeah, name-calling. Now THAT is class!

    3. Outrage is feigned

      Tumescence eludes Blaska

      talk is cheap

      Viagra is cheaper

  3. Leave the Milwaukee Teachers Union out of this!

  4. Definition of sore loser, Capper. Boy it's going to be fun over the next 4 years rubbing your nose in it.

  5. I'm guessing you were saying the same thing after another Dubya slipped by 10 years ago, winning on negative ads and deceiving the public.

    You guys never have the guts to learn. But then again, it's not like you have much to live for other than denigrating others and trying to bring people down to your mediocre level, do ya?

  6. Ya but Bush, Bush, Bush, is that all you got?

    1. When Walker is Bush version 2.0, do we need anything else? Republicans can't govern, it's an obvious fact.

      Heck, Cutler's done more good for Wisconsinites than Walker ever has.

  7. I have a sense of humor Blaska. I will laugh my ass off when Walker gets sacked for a big loss :)