Saturday, November 5, 2016

Paul Ryan: Profiles In Cowardice

By Jeff Simpson

Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) is currently not only Speaker of the House, and a career politician,and has also (mis)represented the 1st Congressional District since 1999.   Mr. Ryan is also respected as a nice guy and Uniter. 

Just ask him:

"What really bothers me the most about politics these days is this notion of identity politics: that we’re going to win an election by dividing people, rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and our common culture on the things that should unify us. We all want to be prosperous. We all want to be healthy. We want everybody to succeed. We want people to reach their potential in their lives. "Now, liberals and conservatives are going to disagree with one another on that. No problem. That’s what this is all about. "So let’s have a battle of ideas. Let’s have a contest of whose ideas are better and why our ideas are better."  Paul Ryan (R-$350 Bottles of win).  
Today, in Mukwonago, WI, Paul Ryan had a chance to put his money where his mouth is.  To show true leadership in a battle of ideas and discuss differing philosophies.   Today Paul Ryan had a great opportunity to rise above the hate.

Today Paul Ryan massively failed when handed that opportunity!

This from the rally:

Yes Paul why did you not answer your supporters question?   Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need someone to assassinate the President?   It was nice of the person yelling that question, to yell loud enough so we could all hear him(and no way you did not hear him) over the calls of Bill Clinton is a rapist and put Hillary in jail.

If there is a better 30 seconds that shows exactly why someone is unfit to hold elected office, I have not seen it.   Paul Ryan has proven himself to be a lightweight and a coward and someone in his position, not stepping up in a leadership role, could lead to serious danger, trouble and people being hurt.  

We can stop that on Tuesday by sending Ryan Solen to Congress.    Here is his website and please "like" his facebook page.  

Ryan Solen is a veteran who wants to serve the first Congressional district.   Mr. Solen has the courage, ethics and conviction that we need in Washington DC and that is sorely lacking from the incumbent!  

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