Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When Did This Become Acceptable?

By Jeff Simpson

This was a shirt worn at a Trump rally.  This is what Reince, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and the rest of the Republican Party have made mainstream.  

How did we get to a point in 2016 that someone would print this up, much less wear it?  Imagine if you switched the word "Journalist" with teacher and wore it to school, or pilots and wore it on a plane, or republicans and wore it to a public venue, or Police, or firefighters, or women etc....

Yet this guy wore this loud and proud at a Donald Trump rally!  

I get the anti establishment feeling running through the country now, but this is not ok.  It should never be OK, there should be some consequences when bringing this message in public.

You can start today by voting AGAINST Donald Trump and anyone who endorses Donald Trump!  

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