Monday, November 7, 2016

Lyin' Ryan Joins Trump's Fickle Campaign Strategery

Donald Trump really fumbled the ball when it came to a scheduled campaign rally in Wisconsin on Sunday.

He originally announced that he would be coming to West Allis, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee. It didn't make a lot of sense at the time since Trump had performed so badly in Southeastern Wisconsin that he lost the primary to Ted Cruz.

Then the details came out about the rally and things went from perplexing to downright silly.

He scheduled the rally for 3 pm, a half hour before the Packers game started. Now, anyone that has been to Wisconsin on a Packer Sunday knows that the entire state damn near shuts down for those three and a half hours. The streets and the stores are empty as people go to wherever they plan on being to watch the game.

To make it even more preposterous, Sunday's game was a "gold ticket" game, which means that the game would be attended heavily by Milwaukee season ticket holders. (The Packers used to play three games a year in Milwaukee. The gold ticket package was to keep those season ticket holders and the revenue.)

I was looking forward to seeing the handful of people that would have gone to this last minute rally.

But someone must have tipped Trump's campaign off on how poorly they would do and they abruptly canceled the rally and chose to go to Minnesota instead.

But there's more. There's always more.

Lyin' Paul Ryan, who had disinvited Trump from a rally last month and vowed to never defend or campaign with Trump again because of the infamous "grab them by the p*ssy" tape, apparently was ready to break that promise too:
For the second time in as many months, the possibility of a joint Paul Ryan-Donald Trump campaign appearance was floated and quickly yanked away.

The Republican presidential nominee earlier this week scheduled a Sunday afternoon rally in West Allis, just outside Milwaukee. It was to be Trump's sixth Wisconsin event since he lost the state's primary election to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

"We don't know if it's scheduled firm or not yet, but I intend to do it if he's here," Ryan told reporters Saturday when asked if he would attend the Trump rally. "Here's the point: we're going from here to Mukwonago to go campaign with Mike Pence. So everybody's schedule is a little bit in flux in these closing moments, but if our nominee comes, we'll campaign with him."
With Trump's viloe personality, insane comments and fickle nature, it is no wonder that he has been consistently behind Hillary Clinton by six or seven points.

With Lyin' Ryan once again living up to his nickname, it would be no small wonder why he might lose his Speaker position after all the poor decisions he's made.

The only thing surprising is why these two characters aren't close friends, with so much in common.


  1. Well stated. I've said for a while that the difference between Trump and the "mainstream" GOP is one of tone, not ideas.

    They both believe in the same, regressive economics and racist, misogynist crap. Drumpf just doesn't use the code words when doing so

  2. the biggest failure of ryan is, he feels that he does not have to debate to keep his job. and we here in Wisconsin let him get away with it.
    where is the press?

  3. The press in this state has overall done a crappy job of covering the Congressional and (especially) the state legislative elections. All the focus has been on the presidential and US senate races. It's a shame, too, because there are some very good Dems running in tough districts who could use a little bit of attention.

    1. That's just the way corporate media wants it. Keep you distracted with the shiny statewide object instead of the local races where a voter uprising could really make a difference.

  4. time to get rid of the press or so they call themselves.

  5. Another face plant for jake from the loosing party