Friday, November 4, 2016

Three's Company

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By Jeff Simpson

As we get closer to election day and the chance to get our state back on the right track, it is time to showcase some more talent that we need to send to Madison.  

We will start out in Hayward, WI where Elizabeth Riley is running for the 87th Assembly seat against Jimmy Boy Edming.   Jimmy boy is known for one thing, being the first person in WI to endorse The Donald.   Yes THAT Donald,and the reason he gives is brilliant (in a Sarah Palinesque kind of way).

Mr. Edming said he hasn’t been in touch with anyone from the Trump campaign and doesn’t have any plans to attend any presidential campaign events. He’s not looking for a job in Washington, though he said “if a good promotion came along, I’d take a look at it.”
He said the news Tuesday that that Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with battery for an incident with a reporter only made Mr. Trump more appealing.
“I had one gal around here saying, ‘He’s attacking the women and he’s attacking all this,’ and I said, ‘You’re listening to the malarkey from the opposition,’” Mr. Edming said. “I think he’s going to make it.”
Mr. Edming said his position is common in his part of the state.
“I’ve talked to a kazillion people here in the last two to three weeks,” he said. “The more and more that they attack Trump, the more people are going to vote for him.”
 The guy from an unincorporated area of 92 people has talked to a "kazillion" and they all agree, the more that people get upset at The Donald for his sexual assaults, the more Jimmy Boy is on his side! 
Women need to know their place in Jimmy Boy's and The Donald's world and what do they have to get mad about anyway, he had his tic tacs! 
Ms. Riley, is running on a public education, save the land, and an equal opportunity for all.   My family has owned a cabin on Lake Owen in Cable, WI since the 1930's and I know first hand what an amazingly beautiful place the 87th Assembly district is. We can not continue to let big money treat the environment as a nuisance.     
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Please Vote Elizabeth Riley on Tuesday.  "Like" her Facebook page, go to her website, send her a few dollars and give her some time walking the district during this beautiful last weekend. 
Another great woman that we can send to Madison is Nanette Bulebosh, who is a writer, teacher and community activist who will represent the 27th Assembly District more than Rep. Tyler Vorpagel (R- who ever heard of this guy).  
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Here is Ms. Bulebosh's website, and please "like" her Facebook page.  
While it is time to send more women to to Madison, it is also time to retire one.  Jessie Rodriguez in the 21st Assembly District.   No one exemplifies what is wrong with politics in Wisconsin more than Jessie Rodriguez,   She is elected to serve Scott Jensen, and not our state and certainly not her district. 
 It is time we stopped slashing our public schools budgets and start representing the people of Wisconsin and not the Billionaire education profiteers!  Let's send Jack Redmond to Madison next Tuesday! 
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Here is Jack's website, like his Facebook page, and give him a couple hours of your time walking the neighborhood for our kids! 

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