Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paul Tittl's Odorless, Colorless Deadly Gun

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By Jeff Simpson

Recently, 17 people got seriously ill who were in a building owned by Paul Tittl(R-AFC) in the 25th Assembly district.

Mr. Tittl, seems to have decided to save himself $20 and not put detectors in his building.

That then led directly to this:

Does anyone know anything more about the carbon monoxide poisoning on Washington Street that happened last week? Like, were there any fatalities? Are there charges against the owner of the buildings? My friend lived in the apartment complex on Washington and has been in ICU in Milwaukee on a respirator for the past week. He is still unresponsive.
Of course he was fiend before for not having any detectors and having a faulty furnace!

When someone keeps up their buildings like this, what would you expect?

 I would say an unusable window would be a perfect parable, for the party of lawmakers(WISGOP) that refuse to follow the law, but then I came across this picture which actually says everything!

Nuff Said!

If you have not voted today, please do.   If you live in Manitowoc area please head to the polls and vote for Ron Kossik!  


  1. And yet he still won by a landslide margin tonight.
    Although I will note that all the other races in our area were almost identical votes. This even seems to have deprived him of perhaps 1000 votes.
    The state and the nation are helpless in their collective hands.

  2. FYI I spoke to someone who knows that victim. He has now contracted pneumonia and is not expected to live.
    I was told that he was a learning disabled person who was scraping by on disability in that ramshackle apartment that frequently had no heat.

  3. UPDATE: Manitowoc City Attorney Kathleen McDaniel has just admitted that were were NOT given "all" the inspection records from Manitowoc FD. Had I not been knowledgeable of the actual paper stream that should have been there I would not have been able to cut through the BS.