Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Next 72 Hours Are In Your Hands!

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By Jeff Simpson

72 Hours until election day, maybe the biggest election of our lifetime.

The emphasis has been put on the Hillary V Trump race and the Russ Feingold V RoJo race.   Do not get me wrong, both of them are important.  Regardless how you feel about Hillary, Donald Trump is unacceptable anyway you look at it.   As for Senator Feingold, there really is no choice when you compare, intelligence, idea, beliefs and personality.   We can finally rid our state of 6 years of one of the most ridiculous, least intelligent Senators Wisconsin has seen since McCarthy!

However, as important as the top of the ticket is, the bottom of the ballot is where you will find races that will effect your daily lives.  From public education to our roads, to jobs and our clean water and lakes.  Your everyday lives will be guided by decisions made at the Capitol.

That is why the next 72 hours are going to be so important.   Even though the opposition has a racist, misogynist, lunatic on the top of the ticket, and we are living in a state where a $3 tax cut has forced almost every public school district in the state to go to referendum to keep the doors open and the teachers paid, the Democrats prospects do not look good for Tuesday.

From new multi million dollar superPacs, to horrendous GOP candidates and buffoon on the top of the ticket, yet Hillary has a measly lead in Wisconsin.    A poor turnout or a slim win by Hillary on the top of the ticket will not bode well for our down ballot races.

With the electeds and party officials getting platforms and telling us that we can maybe win a seat or two, the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee using their resources to run horrendous ads, and everyone that needs to be out there driving these wins focusing on Hillary, we can not rely on party leaders and electeds to help.

For Instance, there have been numerous people coming to Wisconsin to speak to rather large crowds about the importance of voting for Hillary and Russ.  While people wait hours to hear them speak, the captive audience could have listened to all of the local electeds and Democrats on the ballot speak to the crowd, yet never are people like Ryan Solen, Khary Penebraker, Jeffrey Wright, Scott Michalak, Chris Taylor, Melissa Sargent, Jonathon Brostoff, Brian Smith, etc.. are asked to speak.  

Why would we pass up such an important opportunity to introduce these people to a whole new audience?  

It is up to us, the calvary is not coming! The party insiders are making sure they have a job next week with someone, the consultants are doling out the same incompetent advice they always have and activists have been minimized because the party wants to reach the right of center voters(ignoring the lesson Bernie Sanders tried to teach us).  

We need to be the change that we want to see, and can deal with the party later.   In these last 72 hours if you have time, pick a candidate and phone bank or do doors for them,   Give them a couple hours before the Packer game(it is at 3:00 PM).

If you are not able to do that, call your friends and family and make sure they vote down ballot.   Explain to them the importance of checks and balances on our government and why we need to flip the Senate and Assembly.   Explain that they can be disgusted with the top of the ticket but be make sure and fill in the bottom of the ticket where there will be a chance to vote out a very bad Representative and probably vote Yes for your public schools.

You will hear take 10 friends to vote but we all know that is not feasible.   Let us get real, make sure ONE friend votes who wouldn't normally vote.  See if someone needs a ride to the polls, make sure your immediately family and neighbors vote.  Send an email to your college roommate and your cousins, to make sure they vote.   Post on social media the importance of voting, the number you were when you voted(if you did not vote early) and who you support.

We have to deal for two years with the choices that are made on Tuesday, let's make sure that we make the right choices!

Our children and our state depend on us!

If you want a video that you can post on social media about the importance of voting, let me recommend this one.

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