Saturday, November 5, 2016

What Does $349,000 Buy These Days?

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By Jeff Simpson 

What does $349,000 buy these days?

*  For about $1200 a month, it will buy you a house and a mortgage. 

*  A Mercedes Benz S 400
Mercedes-Benz S 400

*  Republican Senator Tom Tiffany:
Races in which AFC(American Federation for Children) has been active, include spending over $259,000 attacking Democrat Jeff Wright and promoting Republican Todd Novak in Assembly District 51; over $241,000 attacking Democrat Mandy Wright and promoting Republican Pat Snyder in Assembly District 85; over $54,000 attacking Democrat Dennis Hunt and promoting Republican Rob Summerfield in Assembly District 67; over $45,000 attacking Democrat David Gorski and promoting Republican Scott Krug in Assembly District 72; over $349,000 attacking Democrat Bryan Van Stippen in his race against Republican Tom Tiffany in Senate District 12; and over $62,000 attacking Democrat Mark Harris in his race against Republican Dan Feyen in Senate District 18.

We have written extensively about the American Federation for Children, and their frontman, formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen, here at CogDis and it is only fitting that they would be playing one big con, since they are primarily funded from the Amway fortune(which is one big scam where only a few benefit from the work of the many).  

That brings up some very serious questions.   

1.  How can an organization trying to steal money from public education afford to spend millions of dollars to do so? 

2.  Why give Tom Tiffany so much more money than everyone else?

3.  Why would anyone who gets less than $349,000 from American Federation for Children give Scott Jensen the time of day?   Is Tom Tiffany seven times more important to the cause than Scott Krug?  That is a question Scott Krug can contemplate when David Gorski is being sworn in in January.   

4.  If an out of state Billionaire has bought the allegiance of a candidate. why would we give them the power to enact their agenda in our great state.   

5.  Has there ever been a more bought and paid for legislator in Wisconsin than Tom Tiffany?

6.  Do you think its ok. and ever ask yourself why, people are so willing to spend so much money on a $50k/yr job?  or if that money could be better spent in the community?

We can change the direction of our state from the bought and paid for government we have no, to one where we actually have a say in our own Government.   

Here is Tiffany's opponent Bryan Von Stippen's website and Facebook page.  Helping him win his election, helps all of us!

It all starts next Tuesday.  Regardless of how you feel about the top of the ticket, please show up and vote for change in Wisconsin in the Bottom of the ticket! 

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