Monday, November 28, 2016

Clarke To Interview With Trump On Monday

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is supposed to be interviewing with Donald Trump on Monday, presumably to be the head of Homeland Security.

Clarke probably has a pretty good shot at it. He'e been a very vocal supporter for Trump for several months and had spent several weeks traveling the country actively campaigning for Trump when he wasn't busy licking Trump's boots.

Clarke has also shown a compatible disregard, if not pure hatred of minorities, including his fellow African Americans. He has repeated ripped into the Black Lives Matter movement. He has allowed four people to die in his jail, including a newborn baby, as he's been campaigning for Trump. And Clarke's been detaining undocumented immigrants as fast as he can, holding them indefinitely and trying to cover it up.

Clarke even fits Trump's desire for "idea men" by having a plan that is in sync with Trump's stance towards immigration:
In his upcoming memoir, Clarke has called for an overhaul of the nation's homeland security program, writing that American citizens suspected of being terrorists should be treated as "enemy combatants" who can be questioned without an attorney, arrested by authorities and held indefinitely.

Their cases would then be handled by military tribunals, not the traditional court system.

"We are at war. Homegrown radicalization has the enemy inside our borders," Clarke writes. "Islamist radicalized Americans are not criminals; they are enemy combatants."
Even though Clarke has a fairly good chance, as a Milwaukeean, I hope he doesn't get the job.

Oh sure, my first instinct is to hope he does so that we would be rid of Clarke once and for all. Even though Clarke has been running as a Democrat, he is in no way imaginable a Democrat. And despite all of Clarke's faults and blunders, the Democratic Party has not been able to successfully primary him.

But that would be the only thing listed in the plus column. But even that one positive could turn out to be a negative. If Trump were to leave Milwaukee County before the next election, Scott Walker would be the person to appoint his successor. It could easily turn into a situation of going from the frying pan into the fire.

I would never wish Clarke to be given even more authority, on a national stage, to act the fool that he is. Next to Trump himself, Clarke would be the most likely to cause an international incident due to his ignorance and immaturity.

The only best case scenario would be for Trump to actually do one thing right and decide against Clarke and then for Clarke's home away from home, Faux Newz, to give him a full time gig. That way we would be rid of him and the only people he could hurt would be those foolish enough to watch him in the first place.

But the way that 2016 has been going, that is simply too much to even wish for.

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