Wednesday, November 2, 2016

David Clarke 'Murica's Sheriff!

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By Jeff Simpson

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, like a spoiled child, is upset that others are getting more attention than he is.   That has led to as many appearances on Fox News as he possibly can(rumor has it he is still the Milwaukee County Sheriff and still being paid by the Milwaukee County taxpayers).  
As Capper pointed out recently, Clarke took to the safety of twitter to call for pitchforks and torches. While some people were upset that he was calling for basically armed resistance, what I saw was someone who did not understand that when people come with the pitchforks and torches, they will not be standing with him, they will be coming for him.

They will come for the people who are making $132000/yr with Cadillac Benefits who never seems to show up at his job because he is too busy promoting himself.   While he is busy flying to New York to be on Fox news or flying to Florida to campaign for The Donald, he has neglected on thing - his job!

While Terrill Thomas was a prisoner in the Milwaukee County Jail, he never made it out of the jail.  Terrill's death was ruled a homicide and the cause was dehydration.  Yes under Sheriff Clarke's rule, a human being was denied water for days until he finally died.

David Clarke apparently has not gotten enough attention for that because he went back to the safety of twitter:

All guns firing on the presumptive 45th President of the United States.   Not done by some hate filled, racist, Charlie Sykes regular but by the SHERIFF of Milwaukee County!

But wait, there's more!

Calling for shooting of Hillary Clinton was not enough, he needed to also call for her beheading!

Guard against over confidence. Keep your boot on the neck of the Clinton campaign. She's a snake. To kill a snake you cut off its head.

But Wait there is even more yet!   Recently, the whole Cliven Bundy clan, was acquitted.   A quick rundown of the situation, Cliven Bundy was a cattle rancher who decided that he did not have to pay his bills and when the Federal Agents showed up, it turned into an armed standoff.

As many have pointed out, not just anyone can pull a gun on federal officers and live to tell about it.  What did America's Sheriff have to say about that?

Who are these "We The People" on the Bundy ranch?  

The man and woman said to have shot and killed two police officers and a third person in Las Vegas Sunday bragged that they had been involved in the recent standoff with the federal government at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch, neighbors of the pair have told local Nevada papers. And early reports suggest the couple may have been motivated by anti-government extremism.
The couple shot two Las Vegas police officers who were eating lunch at a pizza restaurant, then minutes later killed a third person at a nearby Wal-Mart. The woman then killed the man before turning the gun on herself, in what police have said was an apparent suicide pact.

Is David Clarke really the role model and public servant the people of Milwaukee want?  It is time to hold the Sheriff accountable for his actions:

David A. Clarke Jr., Sheriff
        821 West State Street, Room 107
       Milwaukee, WI 53233
      (414) 278-4766

@SheriffClarke   or Or

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  1. He should be renounced by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, under whose banner he has run for election for far too long