Tuesday, November 1, 2016

To Paul Tittl Your Life Is Worth Less Than $20

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By Jeff Simpson 

In Manitowoc, 17 people learned the hard lesson of trying to live under WISGOP rule.

MANITOWOC - Seventeen people suffering carbon monoxide poisoning in downtown Manitowoc were taken to local hospitals Monday morning, Manitowoc Fire Chief Todd Blaser said during a 2 p.m. news conference Monday.
Ten people — two families and two individuals — who resided on the upper level of the buildings on the block have been temporarily displaced. Seven people who were in Susie Kay's CafĂ© were also treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.
Four people were taken to Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee to be treated with a hyperbaric chamber. One was flown to Milwaukee by helicopter.

What does this story have to do with the WISGOP?  While it was never mentioned in the news story, Rep. Paul Tittle (R-American Federation for Children), is the owner of the building.   Rep. Tittl saved himself $20(being a fiscal conservative), and almost cost 17 people their lives!  

While government regulations and carbon monoxide detectors are not welcome, feel free to bring your gun(sign in Tittl's store front)!  

Apparently CCW does not protect you against slum lords who refuse to follow code and install simple carbon monoxide detectors.  Who Knew?

Luckily, for the people in the 25th Assembly District have someone running who values their life more than a green piece of paper with Andrew Jackson's picture on it - Ron Kossik!  

Here is Mr. Kossik's website, go "like" his facebook page and send him a few bucks and/or go knock on doors for him for a couple hours!   Those 17 people who almost died, and the rest of Wisconsin will thank you!  


  1. I know Paul and have spoken to him fairly regularly. Of course we agree on little but manage to maintain a fairly friendly personal relationship.
    I own a building just a block away from his and I am inspected constantly by both the city inspectors and Manitowoc Fire Dept. All of my smoke and CO detectors get services at the beginning of every hearing season as do the required fire extinguishers.
    I want to know just how his building was able to go uninspected like that!
    The great irony is that he is a State Rep blatantly ignoring State Statute.

  2. WBAY TV Green Bay is the only news outlet that has identified him as the slumlord responsible.
    They said that Tittl is refusing to comment.
    Good move because the law suits are sure to follow!

  3. I also know Ron Kossik who is a personal friend and who supported my run in 2012.
    He is a business man, veteran, cop and businessman not to mention a philanthropist donating much time and money to pay for farm equipment at the Manitowoc Community Gardens with which I help him by maintaining ans storing much of the tractors and equipment.
    You could not wish for a better Legislator!

  4. I say we set up gofundme account to help pay for attorney fees for the folks injured by Tittl negligence.

    1. I would expect that the personal injury lawyers are all over this one. I would also expect it will trigger talk of more "tort" reform from Paul.

  5. I just dont get why all of this malfeasance is allowed in 920-land. Kewaunee Co's contaminated wells also falls into this category.

    Is it literally something in the water, or the Holy Water at Mass? Whatever it is, it is killing this state, STOP IT.

    1. Jake, that aint the half of it! Also on our city council is Mike Howe who ran against Tittle in the 2012 primary. Howe was sued for wrongful death when an undocumented worker got killed on one of his construction sites. I came out in the trial that he was laundering his payroll through a fake contractor to evade taxes and workman's comp. He should have been charged with tax and labor law evasion but the State gave him a total pass on that instead fining the guy who was running the non-existant company $2500 even though there were at least a dozen more workers in the same crew and it was being run out of a building owned by yet another roofing contractor! When I broke that story Howe threatened to sue me. Im still waiting for that to happen.
      This is just how Manitowoc rolls...

  6. This should come as no surprise to people who know him. In 2013 I took note of the poor condition of that property.