Monday, March 23, 2009

Palin's Grandstanding Not So Popular Among Alaskans

Alaska governor and failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has stated that she will turn down nearly 30% of the stimulus money being offered by the feds. Of course, only three days ago, she said she was going to reject 45% of the money. She is almost as bad as Scott Walker with her flip-flops and hypocrisies.

Some of her constituents aren't too happy about her grandstanding either. From that wonderful Alaskan site, The Mudflats:
The fact that Alaskans actually had to go to these lengths to reaffirm their desire for money coming into the state probably came as a bit of a shock to the likes of Congressman Don Young and former Senator Ted Stevens, whose long reigns in the congressional delegation were based largely on their ability to bring home the federal bacon. This whole “we don’t need the money” meme is brand new. Apparently there are Alaskans who are so madly in love with Palin that they don’t mind the fact that she as the advocate for the state of Alaska, suddenly feels more of a sense of duty to save the country money than to represent the interests of her constituents. As Shannyn Moore noted on the Ron Reagan radio program on Air America, if Palin were really interested in saving the country money, she’d take all the stimulus funds and then write a check back to the Federal Government. Because, as it stands now, any money we don’t take will happily be gobbled up by a more intelligent governor who will be amazed at his or her good fortune at the expense of Alaskans, who will be left out in the cold.
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  1. Wow, what a crowd of protestors. My goodness, they must have called out the National Guard to control that huge crowd. Look out, the revolt of 2 women is earth shaking news. My goodness, I am sure Sarah is quaking in her seal lined boots over that huge protest of two women.

  2. Dan, you dolt. Look at the link. I chose not to steal all of their pictures. I leave the thievery to the right wingers.

  3. Walker, Palin and now Rose Fernandez.

  4. My bad, about 45 people showed up. Yawn. (yes, I did acvtually count them)

  5. Dan-

    Do you work hard to be that obtuse?

    From the Mudflats post:

    There were many comments from the public on the stimulus issue, and by my estimate there were 50 or more left in the queue at the end who never had time to speak. Only one person spoke out in favor of Palin’s “we don’t need no stinking money” plan, and the three minutes he had in front of the podium devolved into some kind of “if only the Palestinians would stop shooting over the wall we’d have peace in the Middle East” diatribe. The groaning in the audience was palpable. All the other comments from parents of kids in Title 1 schools, educators, those who work with special needs kids, and anyone with plain common sense were heartfelt, passionate, and definitely NOT in favor of rejecting money that will help the most vulnerable Alaskans.

    And the intrepid Andree McLeod was there for good measure to remind Legislators to keep Sarah Palin’s mysterious undisclosed emails on their radar, in addition to new ethics charges she has just filed.

    And did you catch the last part? New ethic charges. Mmmm.

  6. Why is the Left so afraid of her? Seriosuly, why do you want to destroy her and her family- does she scare you that much?
    I mean, I realize your president has been a dismal failure so far, perhaps you could spend a post or 2defending him instad of attacking somebody your are scared of. That is, of course, you cannot defend Obama.
    And no, your quote of the article doesn't say how many people were there- I stick to my number.

  7. Dan, I would be glad to ignore her, but she keeps putting herself out there and so she still needs to get called on her bad behaviors.

    Obama is not pertinent to Palin's idiocy.

    The quote states that there were about 50 people that were there that didn't get to speak, and that is not counting the ones that had spoken or were in attendance.

    So take your number and stick it.