Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are getting a preliminary look at Scott Walker's recommended budget for 2011. Some of the more remarkably irresponsible and insane things he has on his plate:
  • Cutting off the Freeway Flyers
  • Closing the Domes
  • Closing the Wehr Nature Center
  • Closing the outdoor pools
  • Killing and/or giving away some of the animals at the zoo
  • More costly privatization
  • Another illegally deficit budget
Must be an election year. Sigh.


  1. Capper,

    At some point in time, are you going to post something that is actually true and verifiable?

  2. The bullet points came straight from the paper. I feel safe in presuming that the reporter got his info from Walker's people. So are you calling Walker's people liars?

  3. Everything Capper posts here about Walker is verifiable. The fact that Congnitive Dissonance often gets the story well in advance of Milwaukee's traditional news outlets only proves that they're often behind the curve in reporting the facts, not that the facts reported here aren't accurate.

    Walker's on record wanting to eliminate all functions of County government related to quality of life and public transportation. It's not hard to believe his plans for 2011 continue to move in that direction.

  4. Capper,

    Walker directly refuted the possibility that they will euthanize or sell animals at the zoo to meet budgetary demands. This is what I'm talking about.

    Although I'm a fan of the "new media", blogs don't verify their stories. They shoot from the hip and aim later. Not a good policy.

  5. Actually, Walker said he found it "unlikely." Not quite a direct refutation now, is it?

    And if you had bother to click over to my original post at MCF, you would have seen that I wrote:

    Now, keep in mind that these are the recommended proposals, but they are also the base from which Walker will build his formal proposed budget. Walker does not have to follow all, or any, of the recommendations. He has a long history of going away from recommended budgets, most notable of which is the killing of the proposed secure ward at BHD which would have prevented a lot of the problems we’re seeing now, including female patients being sexually assaulted.

    But you do have a problem telling the truth, now don't you?

  6. Capper says: "Walker has this on his plate. Killing and/or giving away some of the animals at the zoo."
    Then Capper says Walker said: "Walker said he found it "unlikely.""

    So what exactly does Scott have on his plate? What you posted here or what you posted over at MCF, which I didn't bother to click over to either. Or what Walker really said.

    But everything here is verifiable.

    p.s. Verifiable being a relative term that is.

  7. TerryN shorter:

    I don't know what I'm talking about, but you're still wrong.

  8. Another way to put it.

    Someone who doesn't know what he's talking about thinks I'm wrong.

  9. You're the one that said you didn't read the other post, so how can you possibly comment on it with any authority? Here's a hint: You can't.

  10. I quoted you when I said I didn't bother to read the other post.

  11. TerryN, you'd better stay out of the heat and have a lemonade. You're not making any sense now.

  12. "You're not making any sense now" And I quote you again, "I don't know what I'm talking about".

    Aha. Artful Dodging...