Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Was Bound To Happen

From JSOnline:

Milwaukee police are investigating a robbery in which a man took a handgun from another man who was openly carrying the gun in a holster on his hip, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The robbery occurred Friday on a sidewalk in the 7000 block of N. Teutonia Ave., police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said.

The robber approached the 34-year-old victim and asked for a cigarette, Schwartz said. The victim gave the robber a cigarette, but the robber then pointed a handgun at the victim and took the victim's gun from his holster, she said.

So now because of this wannabe Lone Ranger, we have a criminal thug with not just one, but two guns. Lovely.

Odds are that the guy had a false sense of security because he was packing heat. Who would mess with him, right? After all, he had a gun.

But what good does the gun do if you don't have the common sense to be aware of your surroundings and are that unaware of what's going on around you?

The Chief has more, based on WTMJ's radio news report on the incident.

The thing that amazes me is how this gun donor and commenters on JSOnline think this proves the need for concealed carry. The only way that would have made anything better is that the perpetrator might not have been aware that the fool had a gun and so wouldn't have stolen it.


  1. Isn't it obvious that you had a thug before and after the robbery?

    Geez you liberals are slow.

  2. lol, what a capperism, having a criminal with one gun is ok. Now that he has two guns it is a problem worth writing about, at least to blame the wrong person.

  3. Typical Anonymous, being purposely obtuse again.

  4. lol ,stealing from chris shows your own lack of wisdom. Still waiting for you to explain why you didn't complain about a criminal having a gun, just whining about a legal citizen having a gun stolen from him.

  5. Obtuse in the cause of Liberty is no vice. or is that novice. dave2212

  6. I think his point is that the open carrier did not know how to safely handle his own gun. That is unfortunately the case with a lot of gun nuts in this state. If the NRA would focus more of its resources on gun safety education, it would not need to spend so much on lobbying, because fewer people would be in favor of gun control. I've seen the bumper sticker that says: "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." There ought to be a sticker that says: "If concealed carry is allowed, even idiots will carry guns."

  7. Jill, if he didn't know how to handle it he would have pulled it out and recklessly used it. Not having your hand on a weapon all the time is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do....utterly sad capper and the sheep can't see the problem is with the criminal not the person following the law.

  8. The responsible thing to do would not be carrying a gun unless he knew what he was doing. But then you would have to admit you were wrong and we know conservatives can't do that, even as they are sinking.

  9. Capper, I am sure you have proof the VICTIM of the crime did not know what he was doing...

    The responsible thing to do always escapes libs.