Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Food For Thought

No, I'm still not commenting on, well, you know.

But here is some more food for thought, with the following chefs:
ADDENDUM: Another entree served up by James Arndt

For the gentle reader looking for something a little different, Steve Jagler of has a piece on it as well. I would point to the comment done by Jim Brooks.

Again, I would like to thank all of my friends who have offered their support and concern.

And as noted yesterday, donations to the Capper Defense Fund are accepted with great gratitude and heartfelt thanks.


  1. Dude, seriously. You gotta poke around your blog settings tab more. Look at the Publish options thingie under each post. All this Timestamp nonsense, holy moly

    ~ You can change your blog's time zone to whatever you want. Pretend you live in Trinidad and Tobago - no one gives a shit. Or, if your time zone is mistakenly set, all your posts will not match your actual time. who fucking cares.

    ~ You can publish your individual blog posts to whatever time you want. YOu can choose to the second what time you want it to look like you wrote the thing. It's all bogus.

    ~ You can make your blog time stamps lie lie lie.

    ~You can backdate stuff however you want, or set up Drafts to be auto-published at any time you choose in the future.

    This is an Idiot-fest. Time Stamps on blogs do not prove shit.

  2. ( I can't find my previous comment on why the timestamp thing is a non-issue) but another thing - If you aren't supposed to blog at work then in the future don't. There is a way your employer can tell, I'm not describing that here. But it is NOT the timestamps that show up on the posts themselves.

    all this time wasted on this crap, makes you wanna bang your head.

  3. To Shamus: I am a rare conservative that posts on this blog and I have felt the rath of capper from time to time, some times fairly some times, not.
    All I can say is if capper ever blogged on County time, he would be stupid beyond stupid. I am sure he realizes he has a target on his back for all the crap he is given his ultimate boss, Scott Walker.
    I don't know what is going on- is it a witch hunt? If they would have found something, or even a possibility of something, he would have put on paid leave pending an investigation, but I don't think that has happened.
    Do they have something and are they hanging capper out to dry? It is possible, the just don't take an employee's computer for the fun of it.
    So, who knows and you certainly don't know what is going on.

  4. You guys are certainly showing your (cl)ass with this. And that type of weakness from the chldren at Cretins for Republican Governance is exactly why self-respecting people under 40 like me will never Republican. Weak sauce, boys.

    Where does Capper go to get his time and money back when this inevitably nets zero charges and a nice tab of wasted time for the taxpayers?

  5. gee, Jake, tell that to every every person who ever had an investigation against them, for whatever reason.
    It sucks, I know.
    Besides, I thought capper would get Mailstad to work for free for him.