Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fickle Jim Klauser

When the Republican gubernatorial race was still young, Jim Klauser, former Republican power broker in Wisconsin, issued a letter endorsing Mark Neumann and backed Neumann when he finally entered the race.

Not to much after than, Klauser fled the Neumann camp and defected to Scott Walker's camp, where he became not much more than a snark machine.

But Neumann's back isn't the only one that has one of Klauser's knives protruding from it. Terrence Wall's does as well.

When Wall made the allegations that his former opponent, Ron "$ugar Daddy" Johnson, bought the endorsement at Republicanfest last month, Klauser quickly turned on him as well:

Even Wall backers were shocked by his comments.

"I looked into it and I found nothing to support it," said Jim Klauser, Wall's campaign co-chair. "Sadly, I think this is all a part of his imagination. I think he is conjuring it up and demeaning a reputable individual in the process."

It should be interesting to see how many other Republicans will become human knife sheaths and get to ask, "Et tu, Brute Klauser?"

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