Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sensenbrenner Wastes Our Tax Dollars

When I got home tonight and went through the mail, one thing that stood out was this giant flier from Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-BP).

This was a wasteful and questionable use of our tax dollars.

First of all, I am not in his district. My Congresswoman is the energetic and proudly progressive Gwen Moore. I wonder how many other people got his mailer from his office who aren't represented by him.

The first page of the mailer is in letter form, wherein he complains that providing health care for the most needy is downright unAmerican and that the best thing is to get an activist judge to rule it unconstitutional. The bottom of the page is a promotion of his Facebook page, his YouTube videos and a chance to sign up for his e-newsletter.

The second page is a long blathering of how bad immigration is. Page Three is a list of his town hall meetings.

The back page is a list of survey questions that are so partisan that it seems to be almost a campaign flier. Here's an example:
8) What is the greatest domestic threat facing the United States today?

a) Wasteful government spending e) Domestic terrorism
b) Economic instability f) Global Warning
c) Rising debt/deficit g) Other
d) Illegal immigration
One would think that the fact that it's called global warming would indicated that it is not just a domestic issue.

The other questions also sound like a pop quiz given by (or for) a talk radio host.

It is a rather silly and blatantly politically orientated flier, especially considering that the tax payers had to shell out for it.

One of my conservative friends (yes, I have some), Dean Mundy, wrote a few days ago about the fact that Sensenbrenner has an opponent in Todd Kolosso. Dean found it amusing that Kolosso was raising the issue of Sensenbrenner's stock holdings:

I don’t want to tell Democrats how to campaign, but the last few challengers have tried to nail Sensenbrenner because of his stock holdings and it hasn’t taken.

Come to think of it, pretty much any thing any challenger has thrown at him has managed to unseat him.

I don't think it's an issue of what the Democrats, or any other challenger, has tried to use against Sensenbrenner. I think it says much more about the people that have kept voting him in all these years, and how much they tolerate.


  1. Well damn me to hell, Capper, cause I vote for the guy. ;)

    I wanted to mention that I don't think Sensenbrenner is entirely responsible for your delivery. If I understand how it works, the post office determines and delivers according to what they have a resident boundaries. It may have changed, but I'm pretty sure that's the way it used to be. I'd double check how mine's addressed, but darn it, the booklet fell into the recycling bag before it made it to the house, and trash day was yesterday.

    All that other stuff you babble on about, well that's your interpretation of what's in the Congressman's flyer. That you differ in political opinion from Jim Sensenbrenner is not a surprise.

    Does Gwen Moore waste your tax dollars, too, when she delivers communication via the franking privilege? Just asking.

  2. Now, now, Cindy, I did call you tolerant, and you get all upset? o_0

    Ms. Moore sent out a flyer too, but dang it, it too fell in the recycling before I got a chance to read it. ;)

  3. I felt the Survey Questions and answers were quite loaded to a particular viewpoint versus being more balanced. I would have preferred something with more questions having the ability for open ended answers with an option to electronically submit. We do live in an age of technology.