Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Desperate Are Walker's Backers?

They're so desperate that they'll throw away any credibility they might have had.


  1. Coggo - Desperate "R" U

    Have a bumpy election season good buddy.

  2. Name one thing wrong with the article, Capper.

  3. For you to say that Walker didn't flip flop due to the outpouring of negative comments is disingenuous and completely ignores his long standing pattern of reversals and his self-defining hypocrisy.

  4. I didn't say that, Capper. Reread the article.

  5. From your post:

    Whether the Arizona law is racist or not is worthy of considerable debate. But one thing is certain, flip-flops require a political calculus. Is a little push-back on a politician's Facebook page sufficient to force a flip-flop? It appears this is what the AP would have you to believe, and perhaps they're right. Or perhaps the more reasonable explanation is that Facebook got Walker thinking, and rightly so. I think it's unfortunate that Walker's interview with El Conquistador occurred before HB2162C was signed into law. If the interview had occurred a week later, Walker might not be in the predicament he's in today.

    and then in the comments from your post:

    Personally, I think Walker provided an instinctual response that happened to be wrong. And you're right, he had 12 or so days to review the law better, but apparently he didn't. But to infer that the reversal was a matter of political calculus rather than an honest concession is presumptuous. It presumes the worse in order to prove the worst.

    I don't see how you think that any intellectually honest person would interpret your words in any way but that your acting as an apologist for Walker's political opportunism. It's sad, but that is the choice you made.

  6. I wrote: "It appears this is what the AP would have you to believe, and perhaps they're right."

    The bottom line is I don't know what Walker was thinking when he changed his position. And what he was thinking is EVERYTHING. It means the difference between flip-flopping and coming to the realization that one was wrong. The two are different.

    I wish he had stuck with it, but he didn't. By him switching the way he did, it made our newspaper look bad. It wasn't something I liked, but I was willing to examine the facts made available to me. Have you seen the facebook page in question? It's doubtful that it was the cause of him changing his mind.

  7. I will concede that it is possible that Walker spoke without first researching the law, or if you believe him, having someone explain it to him. But that does not show good leadership qualities either.

    I don't see how it affects your paper, unless it had misrepresented what he had said originally.

    I am aware of the FB feedback. I am also aware he got a lot more feedback than just on FB.

    You also have to be aware of his long history of trying to have things both ways. It's just that this time, he got caught by more than a few bloggers.

  8. You can't expect gubernatorial candidates to research every possible topic in the event that someone on the campaign trail might ask them a question about it. There are thousands of different questions asked on these campaign trails, and they do what they can based upon what they know.

    The paper felt slighted since we published the report only one week prior to his reversal. It was an exclusive that turned out to be, well, not so exclusive any more. I'm not blaming him, it just happened the way it did. And the Hispanic community got the short end of the stick.

    If you are aware that Walker got more feedback other than the FB page, then that is news to me. Walker told me specifically that nobody pressured him to change his mind.

  9. Walker says a lot of things, now doesn't he? Often those things are contradictory and believing everything (or anything) he says was your error.

    I don't expect any candidate to know everything, but this was in the news for too long for him not to know what was going on, unless he was too busy campaigning to even pay minimal attention. That is a possibility, when one considers how he has been dropping the ball on his paying job.