Tuesday, June 8, 2010

But How Will They Pay For Them?

We all know how both Mark Neumann and Scott Walker are making big promises about extravagant tax cuts for the rich, but they never mention who will be paying for them. One Wisconsin Now takes it to them, calling for answers:

I really love the looks on Neumann's and Walker's faces after the first question.


  1. When will the people that can't do math learn spending requires money to "pay for"...

  2. Can you cite one tax cut from each candidate? I'm curious as to who's getting the cut and to what percentage is the promise.

  3. Anonymous,

    Tax cuts for the wealthy means someone has to pay for them as well. However, the poor, who will be paying for them, will have to pay with their lives.


    Each candidate has their tax cut promises on their campaign websites. Long story short, with Walker or Neumann, we won't see any tax cuts.

  4. Huh? Pay with their lives? Please explain in detail if you can.

    I just looked over Walker and Neumann's websites and do not see anything about any tax cuts for the "rich".

    Please enlighten your readers. I for one want to know what these "extravagant tax cuts for the rich" are and so far you can not explain one iota of your post.

    All I ask is, who's getting the cut and to what percentage is the promise.

    Maybe SEIU can explain since they're running a TV ad that this post is parroting.

  5. Is the SEIU running an ad? I hadn't seen it.

    Why don't you ask the two candidates who the cuts are for and how much, since the purpose of the OWN ad is to point out that they're not telling. Why would that be?

  6. Capper are you really that ignorant about taxes? Guess that is a rhetorical question as it appears you are. Spending needs to be paid for, not collections. If your paycheck goes down it is reduced income...you don't have to find away to pay the difference just spend less than you make.

  7. SEIU is the financier for an ad by some puppet group running a 2D animation saying Walker and Neuman want tax cuts for the rich.

    And youre posting the same thing with nothing to back it up. Like Saul said, "keep telling a lie enough and people will believe you".

    That trick doesn't work for me.

  8. Anonymous,

    But when the bills are more than you are bringing in, that means you either run up a big deficit or you deny someone else their money.

    In Walker's case it is both.

    So TerryN, if the claims are wrong, where will they cut taxes?

  9. Bills are more expensive? Yes you are ignorant on budgets. If spending in budgets exceed revenue, the difference, by law, needs to be made of from borrowing. What is NOT required is to allocated spending above revenue limits. To have a bill, your words, requires an agreement for purchase or a societal NEED, not a partisan whining WANT; state Medicaid (NEED) State train (WANT)...see the difference yet?

  10. I repeat: "And you're posting the same thing with nothing to back it up."

    They will cut spending. Unlike Mr. Barrett who still wants to spend, spend, spend...

  11. TerryN, I repeat, show me wrong.


    Yes, and we have seen how well your plan works, or have you not noticed the recession we are just starting to climb out of?

  12. I can't prove a negative and you know that. You're deflecting.

    You made the claim about Walker and Neumann "making big promises about extravagant tax cuts for the rich" and you can't back it up. Nothing, nada, zilch...

    But I never came here expecting facts.

  13. Capper, my plan has not been used by any of our government administrations YET...so try again.

    Until the people of this nation wake up and pull off the public teet nothing will change.

  14. Anonymous,

    It's funny that the ones that complaining of the government spending actually don't have a problem with it. They just don't like it when it goes to poor people.


    You go to Walker's website and see where he is going to cut taxes. If you can't find it, you found your answer.

  15. Capper I see you are wrong again...conclusive facts easily escape libs.