Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wall Accuses RoJo of Being GOP $ugar Daddy

Multimillionaire Terrence Wall, former U.S. Senate candidate, has climbed out of his pumpkin patch and has accused fellow multimillionaire Ron Johnson of bribing his way into getting the GOP endorsement last month.

The premise is that Wall is saying the RoJo had paid for delegates hotel rooms for them if they stayed and voted for him at Republicanfest. Wall doesn't offer any proof except for hearsay from unnamed sources.

That said, Team Johnson has only offered milquetoast defenses, showing some invoices from the hotel, but not stating if those are the only invoices they have from the hotel or any other hotels. To further complicate RoJo's defense team is that fact that their candidate has yet to offer up any financial records, even though he was required by law to do so quite a while ago.

It's not like RoJo needs any help from outside sources to sabotage his campaign. He has already shown that he and his politics are not ready for prime time when he forgot to stick out his pinkie at the proper angle at a TEA Party meeting.

For more information on Johnson's faux pas, Team Blogging Blue has been on top of the Johnson campaign most effectively. Illy-T has also been laying the smack down on RoJo (Illy-T is the one I got the Johnson moniker from) has also been putting the spotlight on Johnson's foibles.

One of my favorite catches by Illy-T is the fact that has less than flattering things to say about RoJo:
While there is not much known about the candidate for Senate on the Republican side in WI, Ron Johnson, there is ONE very shameful and disgusting thing that rises to the top of contemptible behavior for this Conservative. Ron Johnson in his gig as a part of the Green Bay Diocese’s Finance Council lobbied the legislature to stop a bill that would have allowed the length of time for a victim of sexual abuse to sue the Church and as well opened a three year window for older abuse cases. [...]
Illy-T also shoes that RoJo is completely out of step with the majority of Americans, but in sync with Big Oil tycoons by being a BP apologist.

Back to the Wall accusations, I just wonder how the voting conservatives are thinking of their party's candidate of the year and if he is going to survive through the primary, much less have a chance against Russ Feingold.

I would also be remiss if I didn't point out that the GOP, who is always calling for voter suppression, cannot even run an election themselves without it being called into question. Maybe they are onto something with their calls for Voter ID. They need to show their ID and when found to be Republican, they are disqualified from voting.


  1. Thanks for the links, but credit for "RoJo" goes to Scot Ross.

  2. I'm sure that Citizens For Reckless Government will be filing a complaint to have the hotel records seized any minute now.