Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drinking Liberally This Wednesday

It's that time already for this month's rendition of drinking liberally. Per our gracious host, Helmut Sr., er, Jason:

Dear friends,

We are happy to welcome Henry Sanders, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, to the next Drinking Liberally! (And that's at 7PM on June 16 at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave.)

Mr. Sanders will be facing Milwaukee's state Senator Spencer Coggs in the primary. To be fair, we'll try to get Sen. Coggs at a future DL. (Senator, you're welcome to make a surprise appearance at this one.)

Drinking Liberally cannot endorse any candidate. Instead, we seek to bring them to you in the friendly confines of our fine drinking establishment so we can have a more personal conversation with them.

Future guests at Drinking Liberally include Lieutenant Chris Moews, who is challenging Sheriff Clarke in the primary, and state senate candidate and primary challenger Chris Larson. (Will we get Rep. Chris Sinicki? Find out!)

To get more info on Henry Sanders, please visit his web site at . As always, we meet at 7PM onward at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave. in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood. See you there! And be sure to bring your questions for Henry Sanders, ad anyone else who shows up.

Jason & the Milwaukee DL crew

Who knows, I might even make this one.


  1. When is Barret going to come? But seeing that it is on the far southeast side, he may not feel welcome, considering his past problems on the south side.
    BTW, I used to live a few blocks away from there and I wouldn't want to go there either,

  2. I know that one of his campaign bigwigs, Ryan Alexander was there a few months ago.

  3. Mayor Barrett came to Drinking Liberally at Club Garibaldi back in 2007. He got a great reception, and the large back room was filled with largely enthusiastic supporters with good, honest questions. I'll have to invite him to a future DL. Candidates like to come to Drinking Liberally to win votes and volunteers.

    If you're leery about coming to Sugar Maple, you need to visit the area again. E. Lincoln Ave. and KK are booming. The old Maritime Bank building is about to be renewed, removing one of the last great eyesores.