Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walker Wants To Cut Businesses Down

Subtitle: Why Politicians Shouldn't Tweet

Scott Walker sent out this tweet the other day:

There are two major problems with it.

One, why is he working on ideas to cut the business climate. Is he that jealous of Tom Barrett's success in bringing jobs to the area and growing our economy again?

Secondly, and more seriously, why in the world is he allowed to do a campaign tweet from his county office? Isn't that some sort of major no-no?


  1. First english is a tough language for you. Second, how do you know he didn't use a personal smart phone to post his tweet....

  2. You're lame, Capper. Why are you resorting to short and thoughtless blog posts? Where are the thoughtful arguments or researched posts? Oh, I forgot, this is a liberal blog, nevermind.

  3. Tweet was sent via HootSuite, which has a "scheduled tweet" feature. It's possible he set this up to go out before getting to his office, or it could have been one of his campaign staff (HootSuite also allows multiple people access to the same Twitter account).

  4. Anonymous, it still would be illegal. He would need to be out of the courthouse before he could tweet on his campaign.

    arod, I don't think that is you, but either way, to talk about thoughtful or researched posts is rather disingenuous of you.

    Coop, If the tweet was set up in advance or done by one of his aides, it's still a dumb idea to put him in that position. Judging from the comments from Walker aides that I couldn't let through (what is with their obsession with necrophilia?), I don't think those are the scenarios that happened. Plus the others didn't retweet it, which is usually a sign that they didn't do it.

  5. Huh? My posts aren't thoughtful?

    Btw, I was feeling sort of spunky earlier. I do believe that liberals are capable of analytical thinking, but they often go with the gut.


  6. Yeah, WSJ is such an unbiased source. Next you'll be quoting the results of biased campaign push polling as gospel truth. Oops, you already did.

  7. The article in the WSJ was done by an economics professor based on well-known economics principles taught in class. Not sure the paper has anything to do with that.

  8. This little fellow cant keep it straight to save him self. We have this and this alone to rest on. Walker never finished anything he started. Not graduating from College, Not the American Red Cross or IBM so with some luck he will not get to finish off Milwaukee County. Don't get me started on him making up his mind.


    Dave 2201