Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walker Takes Credit For Project He Opposed

Today, they had a ground breaking ceremony for Veteran's Manor, which will be an apartment building for low income veterans.

Scott Walker was there. From what I've heard, he gave a nice speech about how we should do whatever we can for our veterans and was the recipient of many thanks and kudos for getting the building built.

There is a problem with this.

Walker opposed the project because it used stimulus dollars. In fact, if the County Board hadn't pressed the issue and took over the stimulus application process, these apartments would probably never exist and that corner would remain a brownfield for years and years to come.

If anyone should be receiving praise for these apartments, it should be Supervisor Theo Lipscomb and his colleagues on the stimulus task force which he headed. It was this task force that attained the stimulus dollars which made this project happen.

Instead of receiving accolades, Walker should have been offering apologies.

But that would require a certain level of integrity which Walker has yet to exhibit.

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