Thursday, April 7, 2011

Because The Revolution Was Only In Madison...

Scott Walker and his right winger apologists would have you think that the only reason that JoAnne Kloppenburg won Tuesday's election was because of those radicals in Madison.

Funny thing is, I always was led to believe that Madison was in Dane County.  Turns out, according to their skewed view of the world, Madison must really be in Outagamie County.

Congratulations to Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson.


  1. I guess, you have to thank Waukesha County. How you miss counting the second largest city on the County is pretty strange.
    But if it is an honest mistake, so be it. Be accurate instead of relying on the AP to count votes.

  2. If those votes are genuine...

  3. *Cough*

    There's an audit trail for you to investigate, assuming you don't get arrested just for crossing into Brookfield

  4. An audit done by whom? Kathleen Harris?

  5. So Ramona Kitzinger, the Democrat on the Waukesha County Board of Canvassers is part of this vast right wing conspiracy?

  6. Do you have evidence the Democrat in Waukesha County was bought off?
    Ramona Kitzinger is a person of character, even though I am sure there peopl on the left who are calling her a Judas.
    I hope capper, you don't go off the deep end and claim a conspiracy when there is none

  7. I've been out most of the evening with friends, so haven't even really started digging, but if you think this is all above board, you are more the fool.

  8. Somehow Waukesha's two-days-later canvas came up with just enough more votes for Prosser (~7,500) to void an automatic recount.

    An automatic recount (paid for by the state) is warranted if the difference between the two candidates vote totals is less than or equal to .5%. About 1,480,000 people voted Tuesday. Half of one percent (.5%) of that number is....wait for it....7,400 votes.

    Presumably, if the vote count is certified with Prosser having more than a 7,400 vote margin, an automatic recount, paid for by the state, would not be warranted.

    Draw your own conclusion about how Republican stronghold Waukesha under authority of its county clerk Republican operative Kathy Nickolaus came up with exactly the number they needed for Prosser to avoid and automatic recall.

  9. And another thing. The Republican/corporate cabal behind this convenient vote shift did their math.

    The number of votes Kathy Nickolaus got when she hit the [recalculate] button on her personal spreadsheet went up for Waukesha County from 111,000 to 125,000 (out of ~296,000 eligible voters in Waukesha) from 37.5% to 42.2% turnout.

    That 42.2% turnout number raised Waukesha's percentage to be almost exactly in line with Republican Ozaukee and Washington counties turnout percentages last Tuesday.

    The Republicans ran this recalculation very carefully, coming up with just the number needed to avoid an automatic recount while maintaining plausible deniability on the total number of additional votes they found to get Prosser solidly into the lead.

    The numbers reported by Kathy Nickolaus were cooked up, very precisely, to steal the election for Prosser.

  10. Sounds like NealB has joined capper in the deep end. Right. They are so smart to have pulled this off that before any counties, especially those that voted heavy Kloppenberg, of large consequence have reported their adjusted totals, they took the risk of identifying down to the vote that which was needed to get a razor thin auto recount of the table. C'mon, it starting to be laughable. Did you per chance go to the city/town/village totals posted independent of the clerk and note that the totals published Tuesday night didn't agree with the county aggregates.

    The paranoia is as laughable as the Republican's contention that 'smokes for votes' had any impact on that election cycle.

  11. "Somehow Waukesha's two-days-later canvas came up with just enough more votes for Prosser (~7,500) to void an automatic recount."

    This number "jibes" with the percentage of voter turnout across the state and historical percentage of R vs D votes in Brookfield. There is also an audit trail.

    It's just got to be a conspiracy...

  12. I don't think this clerk, much less any GOP member, is smart enough to come up with this scenario.
    I honestly don't blame the liberals for being mad and yell about conspiracy. Spend a couple days blowing off steam, yell at the clerk, who to be honest deserves critism and maybe even recalled. But int he end of the day, i highly doubt there will be any finding of foul play.
    However, I will also say this. If the left can come up with legitimate evidence of wrong doing, I'll help you protest, scream and yell.
    But come up with legitimate evidence, not some far off, tin foil hat kind of conspiracy theories that make you look foolish.

  13. Did this happen in Walkersha County?

  14. He said Legitimate...

  15. Milwaukee came up with almost 700 extra Kloppenberg votes. Was that legitimate? Is there going to be an outcry about that as well.
    And these almost 700 votes came out on Friday night and no explanation.
    Hmm, maybe there ought to be an investigation in this?

  16. Waukesha is a white-flight Republican creation founded during the Nixon era. I know the complacent people of Brookfield and New Berlin, and they've never been politically engaged, much less do they bother to vote in an off-year election. Neither, they well know, is it necessary for them to actually vote when the hacks installed to run their governments manipulate the numbers to the satisfaction of their racist inclinations.

    There's no problem internally in racist Waukesha, of course. They're glad the numbers are inflated to increase their power in statewide politics. Waukeshavians are so terrified of the brown they will stop at nothing to try to hold on to power. Democracy be damned. They'll do whatever it takes to keep from drowning. Steal an election? That's the least they'll sink to.

  17. Umm, Neal B. please put back the tin foil hat and stay away from sharp knives. You sound like a fool.

  18. Neal B. You might want to let the Waukesha Historical Society know about that founded during the Nixon era thing. Their website goes way back farther.

  19. Wow NealB! "...founded during the Nixon era." Now your ignorance, in addition to blatant racism and bigotry, has shown through.