Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walker's Wisconsin: Redistricting Walker Style

From JSOnline:
"I think it’s pretty clear that you have two very different worlds in this state. You have a world driven by Madison and a world driven by everybody else in the state of Wisconsin," Walker said.
In other words, or to be more accurate, this is the way that Scott Walker sees Wisconsin:

 In addition, Walker is apparently trying to change the name of de Wisconsin River to De Nial, Walker game up with doozy of a quote:
Walker said that the results said nothing about looming recall elections of state senators stemming from the controversy over his recent union bargaining measure.

"Those Senate recall elections both on the Democrat and Republican side are not being held in Madison and not being held in Milwaukee. They’re being held in other parts of the state," Walker said.
Either Walker is the best liar in the state or he has gone utterly, stark-raving mad.

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