Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Are One!

Doesn't matter if it's Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Florida or anywhere else, we are one:

Includes cameo of our own Koch puppet.

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  1. I called WTMJ Radio last week and asked management, a programing assistant, about their Union employees. I was told "NO Union here". The talent or broadcasters are not union so I asked about the technical employees and "ummm yeah they are union. I guess CWA or AFTRA, of the AFL-CIO. Well my conclusion was WTMJ is a Union shop, but was informed "that they are not!" But you are I insist. "No we are not, whats my point?" But you are I insist. "Well technically we are not union." So with the work of Union Technicians they are able to broadcast yet they are not technically a union shop.
    Their message is confusing to say the least.
    Dean Little