Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outrage From The Right: Justified, Selective And Hypocritical

Several of the conservatives have their outrage going on regarding a truly reprehensible post from Wonkette, in which they are demeaning Trig Palin. Their outrage is justified in that there is no excuse whatsoever to attack an innocent child like that.

However, it is also a rather selective outrage. The same people that are condemning this post are the same ones that support Scott Walker and the GOP legislators in cutting benefits that would aid thousands of special needs children across the state.  How can they be so concerned over one child, living thousands of miles away, and be well taken care of, but be so calloused to similar children in their own community both baffles and sickens me.

And to top it off, they are being quite hypocritical about how they are addressing this.  There are many who are advocating a boycott of the companies that advertise on the Wonkette site, regardless of the fact that they are using blogads which randomly put up different advertisements.  However, when the unions and pro-worker advocates chose to boycott companies that supported the Walker regime, they were called thugs and worse.

Then again, cognitive dissonance from the right is nothing new.

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  1. Boy is this the right web site to react to this fiasco! I totally agree with your first paragraph. This was one of the most disgusting postings I have seen. While not as obviously vulgar, poor Trig has been used by his parents and others for various promotions of their interest. Way too much blame to go around.