Friday, April 29, 2011

Michigan's People Move To Save Their State

And it's about time:
A longshot effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder began Monday with the filing of proposed petition wording by a group upset about the Republican’s proposals related to the state budget and a new law related to emergency financial managers.

A group called Michigan Citizens United filed its paperwork in Washtenaw County, Snyder’s official county of residence. A hearing on the petition language is scheduled for April 29. If it’s approved by county election officials, recall supporters could begin collecting voter signatures as early as next month.

The group would need 806,522 valid signatures of Michigan voters to make the ballot in November.

The proposed petition language cites a Snyder-approved law that gives broad new powers to emergency managers appointed by the state to run financially struggling local governments and schools. Those powers include the ability to toss out union contracts and strip power from locally elected officials.

The proposed petition also references what it labels “tax increases” on retirees and lower-income Michigan families and “tax cuts” for corporations. Snyder has proposed eliminating tax exemptions for some retiree income and getting rid of an earned income tax credit for low-income working families while seeking lower overall taxes for businesses.

“I believe a lot of people in Michigan are angry at him,” said Tim Kramer, a resident of Oakland County’s Waterford Township and spokesman for Michigan Citizens United. “He wants to come in and do what he wants. That’s not democracy.”
Bully for the people in Michigan. Here's to hoping they succeed and set the precedent as one state after another, and most definitely Wisconsin, take the actions need to take their states back.


  1. Well said....hurry November

  2. Of course, hardly anyone mentions that the Democrats are the ones who set this all in motion.
    They are the one's who started the emergency manager laws in Michiagan. One guy went into Detroit and completely gutted their system- closed about 1/2 of their schools and laid off about the same number of employees.
    so, complain if you must, but it was the Democrats who put the majority of emergency powers into place.

  3. You'd better do some fact checking, unless you're intentionally boosting our collective self-esteems.