Thursday, April 14, 2011

Genius Grant Or Political Payback?

Wonkette observes that the Bradley Foundation recently gave Jeb Bush a "genius grant" worth a cool $250,000.  The grant was allegedly for his work in destroying Florida's school system while he was governor there.  Wonkette expressed the opinion that this grant was done in order to keep him on the straight and narrow:
Writes Wonkette operative “Steven G.”:
Seriously, couldn’t they have given him a plaque and donated the prize money to some actual poor kids in Florida for their education? Oh, never mind.
Privatizing education is what’s important, not educating kids, silly!

The Bradley Foundation hopes the money will help Jeb Bush continue to be a guy who once did something they liked. It’s tough work and very expensive being somebody who once had an impact on public policy, so we’re sure Bush will put this money to good use. If there’s one thing his poor family needs, it’s handouts from a charity. And if they have to murder a few hundred thou to get it, who cares?
The Wonkette article also mention that it was Bradley Foundation president and CEO, Michael Grebe, who was singing Bush's praises.

But for the gentle reader and/or anyone who paid attention, they would also be aware of the fact that Grebe was also the campaign chair for Scott Walker's gubernatorial race.  

The reader may also recollect that during said gubernatorial race, Jeb Bush came to Wisconsin and endorsed Scott Walker.

Indubitably, Wonkette is correct that this money, at least in part, was meant to provide incentive to stay on their side.  But one has to wonder, given this administrations already abundantly clear message that there is no level too low for them to stoop in corrupted behaviors, including paying back campaign donors and other cronies in big ways.  But one has to wonder how much the money had to do with returning a favor for stumping with Walker during the election.

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  1. Given their predilection for giving my tax dollars to their clients, I'm a little surprised they Bradley Foundation hasn't given an $86.50 Subgenius Grant to Neil Bush, too.