Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Unanswered Question For Paul Ryan

From my inbox, from one of my dearest friends:
When insurance companies in Wisconsin begin balking at taking on the new Medicare-less generation waving their $15,000.00 there will likely be cries that Wisconsin needs to open flood gates to less desirable insurers - Wisconsin has a long history of fending off such companies. Would this likely happen -oh, yes- medical costs in Milwaukee, for example, are probably the highest in the Midwest. If you recall during Obama's Health Care Plan debate the Republicans wanted out of state insurance companies to be able to move interstate and Wisconsin then was no fan of that idea, as Wisconsin's Insurance Commissioner has always held companies to a high standard. 
I am a constituent of Ryan's and he hasn't explained what the Feds response to areas with higher medical costs and therefore higher costs to Insurers would be. I think I'll ask him at a town hall on Thursday.

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