Friday, April 29, 2011

Paul Ryan And His Outside Agitator Teahadist Supporters Behaving Badly

My dear friend that had an unanswered question for Paul Ryan did indeed attend on of his non-listening sessions.    The unanswered question went unasked, but another one was offered in its place. My friend's report on the boorish behavior demonstrated by Congressman Bad Hair and his out of state supporters:
I rose to ask Congressman Ryan a question today, about his planned assault on Medicare, wiser than I was a week ago.

Waiting a week for Ryan's Greenfield Town Hall, I studied up.. What I learned was that yes, there would be Insurance companies in Wisconsin ready to take that Medicare voucher. They already operate Medicare D and Medicare Supplemental insurances in Wisconsin. The real catch was the Voucher for Medicare will become a down payment for this care and the rest, including add-on co-pays and deductibles and loss of provider choices will follow. Then I had another thought...

Ryan started his "Listening Session" by asking the crowd to raise their hand if they were over 55, the vast majority did. Then he confidently assured them they were safe from any changes in their Medicare Benefits because" they were promised to you". That was good enough for the crowd that gave him repeated wild standing ovations.

When I rose, I introduced myself as a veteran public employee. As such, I was obliged to tell my clients of any bias or interest I might have.

As I began my next sentence "Congressman Ryan in the interest of public disclosure shouldn't you tell us that three of your biggest donors..." and at this point the crowd began to roar disapproval. Ryan's Aid removed the microphone and Ryan made a large arm signal to direct WTMJ-TV and the Microphone Hogging Aid to the other side of the auditorium. Undaunted, I continued..."in the interest of public disclosure shouldn't you tell us that three of your biggest donors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Humana Health Insurance, who already sell Medicare products here, would benefit greatly from this privatization; I was now yelling over hundreds of booing unruly elderly! Ryan seemed amazingly uncomfortable and blew me off saying he has thousands of donors.

Clearly the companies I referred to are part of his top 35 biggest givers and the Medicare-less Generation will be facing very large potential costs and obstacles ( but no matter to the lady next to me who will get to keep her full Medicare coverage down in Winetka, Illinois, where she told me she lives.)
The more that the right complain of supposed bad behavior from the left, the more people are going to just tune them out as the hypocrites they are.


  1. Thank you for doing that....I am as involved as I can be with a family....we need to keep literally standing to speak truth to power!

  2. Thank You for publicizing the hypocrisy of Ryan in spite of the mob.

  3. I think that we would all be better off if Congressman Ryan went back to driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.