Friday, April 1, 2011

Because A Reality TV Star Is Such A Terrible Thing To Waste

Poor Sean Duffy.

This poor star of reality TV and former district attorney turned freshman congressman is just trying to relate to the people, and he has to catch hell for it:
Outrage on the left this week was sparked by reports Duffy had complained at a town hall meeting that he has to "drive a used minivan," pays too much for health care, has "more debt than all of you" and struggles to pay his bills--all on $174,000 a year.

A constituent pointed out that $174,000 is three times his own salary.

Duffy said he resigned as Ashland County District Attorney before campaigning for seven months during which time he collected no paycheck. But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says that's not so. "He took a taxpayer funded salary as District Attorney for the majority of [his] campaign for Congress," the committee said in a release Tuesday. Additionally, "Duffy reimbursed himself over ten thousand dollars for everything from mileage to miscellaneous expense" while on the campaign trail, the DCCC claims.
Now, despite what the Charlie Sykes of the world might tell you, the Democrats aren't all bad.  In fact, they want to help poor Sean Duffy out.  And you can help them help him:

I also hear he could use some donations for that tan-in-a-can stuff, so please help!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, from The Political Carnival, we learn that his secretary is as clueless and tactless as Duffy is.

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