Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WEAC Makes More Choices Regarding Who To Hop In Bed With

Back in February, WEAC made a last ditch effort to appease the Fitzwalkerstan regime by surrendering just about everything.  As one could imagine, that didn't quite sit well with its members.  Judging from my Twitter feed, the teachers still aren't too thrilled.

I think they'll be even less pleased with their union when they find out that, in preparation of the possibility of Scott Walker's union busting bill ever making to enactment, might have contracted with Bank of America to collect and  deposit the dues from its members.

I can understand there concern about how to collect the dues. That's a given. I can sort of understand their need to contract out for this service, although I would have thought the Educators Credit Union would've been the natural choice, unless they weren't equipped to do this job.

But what I don't understand is why WEAC would pick such an obviously poor corporate member of society to do with business with. Was it because Halliburton and Wackenhut weren't interested?

It is my understanding that BoA was the least expensive but that doesn't justify giving its members money to this organization when they are part of the problem.

Perhaps it's time for the members of WEAC to take a hard look at that leadership as well.


  1. Yes, well said. I have taught for many years in a conservative school district and honestly it feels like my union and many of it's members have Stockholm syndrome...we have identified with "our captors". For my thousands of dollars of union dues I have seen very little personal benefit and immense frustration. Teachers have an important professional voice to contribute to what needs to happen in education today, the union must facilitate that voice. Mine has so often failed and identified with the haters that I despair. I continue to fight on because I believe in the power of the collective voice but clearly ours in 'Tosa has been mutually silenced long ago.

  2. Great catch.

    I wonder if Gov. Walker "steered" WEAC towards his pals at BoA in return for back room promises?

    "Too big to fail is too big"

  3. The Unions and their members get what they deserve for supporting the Pro abortion Godless, Child killing democratic party agenda... so sjust top your whining and accept God's chastisement with humility.