Friday, October 28, 2016

Only One Choice In The 72nd

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By Jeff Simpson

Currently, the 72nd Assembly District is being misrepresented by Scott Krug.   Scott Krug is a guy who will say anything to get elected, like he wont take daily per diems(he does big time), or that he believes in the Constitution(he doesn't), or that he is being endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters(he wasn't).

Yes the League of Conservation Voters endorsed the only true candidate in the race - David Gorski!

David Gorski is the Democratic Party nominee(link is external)(link is external) for Wisconsin's 72nd state assembly district race in central Wisconsin.
The race, along with the race featuring Lynn Utesch in Assembly District One in northeastern Wisconsin, is being watched by political insiders and clean water activists as a political compass(link is external)(link is external)pointing to the power of citizen action fighting Big Ag and its Republican protectors.
Citizen groups are fighting Big Ag's practice of directing millions of tons of liquid and aerilized cow manure into the environment, while Confined Agricultural Feeding Operations, (CAFOs), deplete groundwater using industrial, high capacity water well.

David Gorski will actually do what he says, which will be a nice change of pace for our friends in the 72nd.   Please "like" his facebook page, send him a few dollars and/or give him some time.  

Since Scott Krug will say anything to get elected, it is time to make sure he gets unelected because he will say anything!

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