Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick To Damn, Slow To Praise

During the recent pirate incident, the right were all over President Obama, condemning him for not blowing up everyone, pirates and hostages alike, or mocking him for not being a cowboy like Bush was.

I am still waiting for one, just one, to give the credit to him and apologize for speaking out of turn now that the last hostage has been freed unharmed, through the use of force as ordered by President Obama (emphasis mine):
Navy snipers on the fantail of a destroyer cut down three Somali pirates in a lifeboat and rescued an American sea captain in a surprise nighttime assault in choppy seas Easter Sunday, ending a five-day standoff between a team of rogue gunmen and the world's most powerful military.

It was a stunning ending to an Indian Ocean odyssey that began when 53-year-old freighter Capt. Richard Phillips was taken hostage Wednesday by pirates who tried to hijack the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama. The Vermont native was held on a tiny lifeboat that began drifting precariously toward Somalia's anarchic, gun-plagued shores.

The operation, personally approved by President Barack Obama, quashed fears the saga could drag on for months and marked a victory for the U.S., which for days seemed powerless to resolve the crisis despite massing helicopter-equipped warships at the scene.

I also can't help but believe that if this had happened a year earlier, Bush/Cheney would have found this as the excuse they were seeking to invade Iran and get us stuck in yet another quagmire.


  1. Approval from the Commander-in-Chief is a SOP in a situation like this. It's a lot of chain of command ass-covering to ensure there are no loose cannons.

    Please Chris, you're further embarrassing yourself with this Kos-like spin.

    Here, I doubt you ever read him much, but former Badger "Uncle Jimbo" says it best.

  2. First, linky fix

    Second, that is pretty much how I took it from the press story, but Obama went out of his way to make sure it was clear that they were authorized.

    Your link even admits that part. But even if we played it your way, then that makes the right look even more foolish for their premature condemnation.

  3. Well, I do give Obama credit. This could have gone wrong and the would have been the backbenchers who would have critized Obama.
    Further, Obama could have done worse. He could have let the neogiations go on and the pirates get the captive to dry land and he would have been lost forever.
    Now, the easy part is done. How will the Obama treat the caputured pirate? Take him to the U.S. or turn him over to Kenya for sharp and swift punishment. I think they should turn him over to Kenya.

  4. But on the other hand, you did not credit the Navy or the SEALS that took out the thugs. So, why don't you give credit where credit is due. All obama did was give the order and the Navy and their people and technolgy did the dirty work.
    And why you are at it, instead of continuing on with you severe cognitive disorder of BDS, why dodn't you give credit to the captain of the ship for his bravery.
    But no, just taking the lazy way out again, give Obama credit, diss Bush and give no credit to the brave people who made the operation work.

  5. Easter... Perhaps people were with their families.

  6. Plenty of cudos out there Cap. Get off the blame Bush for everything crap, please? It's old and, I think, beneath you.

  7. I'm wondering if you'll post on Whallah that both Charlie Sykes and Jay Weber were quick to praise Obama this morning for authorizing (which, by the way, is quite different from ordering) the use of force.

  8. Dan-

    I've never questioned the judgment, the skill, or the integrity of our men and women in uniform.


    They were blogging on this all day.


    I wrote this last night and you talk about this morning. And yes, Charlie's show is taped on Friday, but he blogs all weekend.

  9. Bill=

    How are you doin'? How's the back?

    I can appreciate where it is tedious. Almost as tedious as

    Everything is Clinton's fault, or

    Everything is Carter's fault, or

    We are all doomed. The country is going socialistic because it's not as far right as it was, even though it's still right of center.

  10. High five almighty 'O's way. It had to be done, and you're right Cap, this had to be said.

  11. "I've never questioned the judgment, the skill, or the integrity of our men and women in uniform."
    Maybe, but the fact you give credit to Obama and not give credit to th Navy and their personnel, even in your response, seems a bit overboard, pardon the terrible pun.

  12. The point of the post is that most on the right attacked Obama before the situation played out, but when he did well, they were tardy in recognizing that.

  13. Tardy?

    Admit it when you are dead wrong.

    You really are a piece of crap.

  14. "but when he did well, they were tardy in recognizing that."'
    Now, you are just lying. Badger Blogger had something up before you. Asian Badger had something on Easter Sunday. No Runny Eggs had something before you. Michelle Malkin had something up before you and a few other national blogs. And considering it was Easter Sunday morning when this went down, peole may have been at Church or going out to eat.
    Hopefully, you will retract your lie.

  15. Dan,

    Go back to all those posts and tell me where they are giving credit to Obama. Hell, I had to go look Malkin's site up since I don't read that dreck, and she was still blasting him for his press release!

    That is the point. Now you can apologize to me for your false slander.

  16. He won't Dan. Capper is a rabid attack dog. His hate is so deep he can not even see his own hypocrisy.

  17. that's all you got, anony, name calling?