Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Report Of A Man With A Gun

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the case of Brad Krause, a guy in West Allis who felt compelled for some unfathomable reason to go out and do some gardening with a gun at his waist. A neighbor called police, who came and rightfully charged him with disorderly conduct. Mr. Krause eventually was left off the hook and I stated why I thought that the judge was in error.

That, and some subsequent posts, brought out the gun nuts from all over the country. One of the ones that thought I was being a fool was Owen Robinson, and some of his commenters, as well as mine, and at other gun-loving sites ridiculed me and went as far as to say that the police were in error for even coming on to the guy's yard.

I thought the cops did everything right then, and that feeling was only made stronger today.

Responding to a call of a man walking around with a gun, Milwaukee Police responded. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as in the Krause case, and an officer was shot. Fortunately, all reports show that the LEO is doing better and that his wounds are not life threatening.

But given the two recent cases of police being gunned down, as well as innocent children and senior citizens that are unable to defend themselves, it IS damn scary to think how easy it is for any lunatic or bad guy to get his hands on a gun.

And yes, I still believe that when it comes to my safety and my life, my family's safety and their lives, and those of the people in the community at large, well, they do take outweigh the rights of a poorly adjusted man that is afraid of rogue chipmunks.

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