Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drinking Liberally Tonight - New Update

Just a friendly reminder that Drinking Liberally is tonight. The details are here.

Not only will I be putting in an appearance, I have been notified that there will be a special guest, Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan.

How much you want to bet that Scott Walker's name is brought up once or thrice?

See ya there!


  1. I'd put the over/under at about 150.

  2. 2nd most popular quote; "I feel smarter today/tonight."

  3. The Walker was at only 50.

    Weasel was at about 150.

    F*ing weasel went off the chart.

    No one did the "I feel smarter" line. We already are smarter. We are liberals after all. ;)

  4. "I feel smarter today/tonight."It's true. It's gotten to the point that Dan's mere presence on this planet makes nearly everyone feel smarter.

    Thanks to Dan, we always know there is at least one person less fortunate, less wise, less smart.

    What an altruistic individual he is. Keep up the good work, Dan.

  5. Well, Tim, thanks for the complement. I mean, coming from, that is high praise indeed. Truly, after all witty comments and insightful opinions you give, I am just truly humbled that you even have time to talk about me. Wow. After all, Tim, you are such and bright clever fellow, people are just in awe of your wit and wisdom. What would the world ever do without you? And Tim, if you should ever decide to leave the blogsphere, I am sure the Internet will crash because of all the knowledge you have and because your brillant comebacks. And just think, Tim, if you weren't such a piece of crap, how much better the world would be.

  6. And just think, Tim, if you weren't such a piece of crap, how much better the world would be.What was that about witty comments? You're the best, Dan.