Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop The Madness!

On March 23rd, four officers in Oakland, California were gunned down by a parolee.

On March 29th, a man pissed at his estranged wife shot and killed eight people in a nursing home in North Carolina.

On April 4th, a man upset that his wife was leaving him shot and killed his five children in Graham, Washington.

In Binghamton, New York, a man upset about losing his job and getting picked on for his poor English, shot and killed 14 people at an immigration center. This affected families around the world.

A man who believed in the NRA scare tactics of the non-existent gun ban, donned bullet-proof armor and shot and killed three officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While I am deeply saddened by all of this violence and wanton death-dealing, I am not overly surprised. The economy is only starting to show signs of healing of eight years of abuse and neglect from the Republican regime, and people are still losing their jobs, their homes and their families. The stressors are all there for this kind of mayhem.

What I do find mind-boggling is the response from the right. For the most part, it has been mostly crickets. Some, like Chris at BBA, go blissfully on without giving it a second thought and post "gun porn" crap.

Supreme Court Justice wannabe Randy Koschnick thinks there should be more guns out there.

My friend, the normally relatively level-headed Elliot Stearns takes umbrage at anyone who criticizes America's gun love.

First, let me say I am not calling for a ban on guns. I own guns and it would be hypocritical for me to call for a ban on something that I do. But I still believe that there needs to be solid, enforceable, and meaningful limitations to get some kind of grip on this epidemic.

BTW, over the weekend, while up north, I had to cut down a tree that was damaged in a recent windstorm. Not once did I feel it necessary to carry a firearm at my waist.


  1. "The economy is only starting to show signs of healing of eight years of abuse and neglect from the Republican regime,"
    WTF capper, are you trying to insinuate that Republicans are responsible for this?
    If so, you are way off the deep end and should check yourself into the Scott Walker wing of the mental health center.

  2. Um, who was in charge during the first year and a half of the current recession, which started in 2007? I believe his name was Bush.

    But that part about the Walker Wing of the MHC had me rolling. That was funny!

  3. "A man who believed in the NRA scare tatics..."

    Personally...I think this man suffers from some sort of mental disorder that causes paranoia and violence. He could have fixated on a million things but he picked guns, and then he twisted current events to justify his violent actions.

  4. Capper if you could actually see the size of the bear that is on our land you would carry a gun too. How many wolves are on your property Capper?

    Hey since you want to take away/limit a right of mine which right of yours can I take away/limit?

    I think you are just jealous that Grumps got gun porn named after him and not you.

    Hey Capper would you feel better if all these people had been killed with a sword? Because the guy in New York could have done just as much damage with a blade weapon as he did with a gun. Unarmed victims are still victims

    Seriously Capper spell out your limits that you want on gun ownership and please tell me what other rights you would be good with having limits placed on?

    epidemic is a little hysterical isn't it? how many Americans died in car accidents in this time period? I am willing to bet my house it was more than 17.

    I do love how you managed to blame George Bush and the Republicans for the violence that was a nice touch

    I will wait to hear what your limits on gun ownership would be.

  5. Everyone but Chris can own a gun.

  6. Level headed? God, I hope not. That would be the death of me as a blogger.

  7. Elliot,

    I did say relatively. There are many that make you look not only sane, but positively brilliant!