Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weasels On Wheels

I received the PM Update there is a story about Scott Walker's tax payer funded campaign bike ride. The gist of the article is that Walker is claiming that he will not be doing any campaigning during his "Executive's Ride":
But Walker said that if “something else that might be happening” helps attract coverage, he would see that as a bonus, yet keep the conversation on tourism.

“If that makes people want to come out and hear what I have to say about tourism, so be it,” Walker said. “I try to keep a fairly good firewall.”

Walker said promotion of the trip has come from Visit Milwaukee and Summerfest in the past, while expenses such as his hotel rooms, food and gas for his Harley-Davidson motorcycle will come from his county travel budget. Those who join the ride pay their own expenses. He pegged the county cost at a “couple thousand dollars.”

But Walker said a Visit Milwaukee analysis of the publicity generated last year showed it was equivalent to $85,000 in advertising.
There are some serious problems with that.

First, there is absolutely no reason to believe him. This is especially true when one considers what happened four years ago.

Even more galling is his hypocrisy.

In January, when County Board Supervisors Toni Clark and Elizabeth Coggs went to Washington, D.C. to lobby for Milwaukee County, it "happened" to be at the time of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Yet they've helped to bring in not mere thousands, but hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulus funds to the Milwaukee County area. But at that time, Walker called their actions "mind-boggling."

I would love to hear how Walker would explain why he thinks it is OK for him to campaign on the tax payers dollar, but criticize two supervisors who weren't campaigning, but still helped bring in hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars. Unfortunately, I'm at work when he goes on Charlie Sykes' show to try to defend himself.

To show that there are no hard feelings even though he is a lying hypocrite and a hypocritical liar, I have ordered up a special bike for him to ride, instead of the used bike that he claims was a gift from his wife. Since he wants to ride a bike so bad while he goes a-campaigning, I thought that he could use a practical one, since he is so full of sh*t:


  1. .....yet there isn't any money for employees to go to inservices, even though we have to earn education credits as part of our jobs.

  2. Umm, County Employee- too frickin bad. I am a teacher and I have to have continueing education credits. I pay for them and so you can to.

  3. Of course, being a teacher, I have to learn how to spell. But I am a special education teacher, so that's my excuse.

  4. Um, Skittles Boy, does your boss tell you there's no money, and then uses tax payer money to go campaigning?

  5. Capper,

    Didn't hear you complaining when Evers was using his public privileges for campaign fundraising. And, uh, that was just a month ago, so it's not like you forgot.

    So this raises the question. Why were you silent about Evers, but so adamant about Walker?

  6. Anony-

    You may want to start studying if you are going to keep trying to go after me. It wasn't Evers that screwed up. In fact, he was the one that tried to make it right.

    Now, where is your criticism of Rep. Pridemore and his staff? And are you saying it's OK for Walker to bilk the taxpayers?