Monday, April 13, 2009

Drinking Liberally - The ALE Party.

Wherein ALE stands for All Living Entities.

From our fearless host, Jason Haas:

My Sisters and Brothers in arms, at least those of you who wish to exercise your fuzzy constitutional right to possess if not actually bear arms on your person,

Coming home from the university today, I noticed a truck that had a bumper sticker prominently placed at eye level on its back side. It read:


So let’s see… we’ve got a plan to get out of Iraq, actual work under way to try to bail us out of the Great Recession, huge stimulus dollars coming in to our cities and states, and Captain Richard Phillips rescued from actual pirates of the high seas, all of which happened under order of the president.

How’s it lookin’ for ya, buddy?

I have a feeling that we might find this guy at one of the right-wing tea bagging parties that will be happening the very same day we have our own monthly gathering of lefties and liberals — a little tea party of our own we call Drinking Liberally! Ever wondered how tea tastes in beer? Come find out! I’ll have free tea bags for all that night in honor of the right’s latest deluded attempt to tell us how the digital decoder boxes are actually mind-control devices that will be used to instigate the great Communist takeover of America — cuz Obama’s a Marxist Muslim, you know!!!1!!

So join us! We’ll be raising our glasses in toast of the right’s latest attempt at buffonery… and discuss plans to oust our right wing county executive.

WHERE: Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee

WHEN: 7PM till the cows stumble home

WHO: You, the guy to your left, and the gal to your right!

See ya there,

Jason & the Milwaukee DL crew

Or, if one insists on tea, make it "totally excellent aardvarks." That sounds a lot more fun.

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