Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Hard To Keep A Good Fascist Down

Jody Harding was a candidate for the mayor of Racine. Her claim to infamy was that she wanted to deny legal rights to anyone that didn't meet her qualifications.

In the primary election, she was soundly defeated, garnering on 7% of the vote.

Not willing to take reality for an answer, she is now running again in the general election as a write-in candidate. She also is bringing a really, um, unique approach to things:
Harding, who was one of eleven contenders for the mayor’s seat in the primary held April 7th, says she believes her message got lost amid the noise of so many, predominantly Liberal, candidates.

“People were confused,” Harding says. “They were overloaded with information and given almost no time to sift through it. Many voters gave up and just marked the name they recognized, which is how we wound up with Dickert and Turner on the ballot. Politically, there is almost no difference between them, but they are both well known.”


Harding claims she is not trying to draw votes from either remaining candidate. “Many people don’t consider either candidate an acceptable choice for mayor. My goal is to give them a better option.”

As a registered write-in candidate, Harding says her supporters don’t even have to spell her name correctly. “The vote-counters will be on the lookout for any variation of ‘Jody Harding’ or just ‘Jody’,” she says. “They’ll know that’s me.”
Harding goes on to say how she was inspired by the teabaggers.

It is obviously Harding's right to run again as a write-in candidate, but it would scare me to vote for some one so out of touch with reality. If the majority of the voters chose two liberal candidates, that according to her, are similar politically, I would call that a pretty obvious refusal of whatever her message might have been.


  1. And your outrage/critism of Charlene Hardin is where?

  2. Keep down, go down, it's all "hard" so to speak ;-)

  3. Running in the general after losing the primary... shades of Joe Lieberman! I bet she'd love that comparison, too.

    It's not terribly clear from Wisconsin statutes whether people can just write in "Jody" and have it count, which for me inspires thoughts of Norm Coleman; but I doubt this race will be so close that it'll matter.

  4. Dan-

    Two things. One, Hardin never said she wanted to deny people the right to vote. Two, I dealt with Hardin when I endorsed Mike Mathias. Twit.


    Glad to see your back up and getting down. ;)


    You sir, are correct.