Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walker's Bad Luck Continues

Scott Walker and his perpetual run for governor keeps running into problem after problem, mostly of his own making.

First, his refusal to do his job has cost Milwaukee County control of the Income Maintenance program. It's hard to say that you would be a good governor when you cannot even effectively run your own county anywhere but into the ground.

Then he gets spanked by the County Board when it is shown that even he doesn't know what his own stance on the stimulus funds are any more. To add to his grief, he keeps getting caught up in his own tangled web of lies and hypocrisies.

Now the DPW is getting into the act by producing and airing this ad on TV:

They back up their video with this fact sheet and with this timeline.

Now, how is poor Scott supposed to run for governor if these facts keep getting in his way?

It is my understanding that the ad is supposed to air for the first time on Sunday during Charlie Sykes' Incite show, which I cannot stop giggling about.

Addendum: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spoke to the head of RPW, Reince Priebus (Steele must have given him a five minute damage control break), who lied and called the ad a lie. He also mentions that Walker set criteria for the dollars that he is seeking after he said he wouldn't seek any, and then ignoring his own criteria in the money he asked for.

Priebus goes on to say how horrible he thinks it is that the ad will run on Easter Sunday. I agree. While Priebus is probably trying to connote Walker with Christ, my complaint is that it is Easter, which means all the two-times-a-year Christians will make one of their yearly sojourns to church (the other being Christmas), thereby cutting Sykes' audience drastically. They should have waited until next week when they would get more bang for their buck.

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