Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PUMA: GOP Edition

From Ben Smith at

The resolution would shift power sharply away from Steele, giving the executive committee power over any spending over $100,000 and all borrowing, and — perhaps most tellingly — inserting a comptroller or chief financial officer at the RNC who would report to the executive committee, not the chairman.

Norcross noted that the resolution replaces a similar — but less stringent — RNC rule that had long been in place giving the executive committee some spending control but that "inexplicably ... slipped 'between the cracks' and was not adopted in Minneapolis."

Steele ally Reince Priebus reportedly responded in an email to members that "this resolution is an attempt to usurp the chairman's authority in a completely unprecedented and historic manner."

Soon they will be eating their own young if they keep up this infighting.

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  1. Just a bunch of little kids fightiing. Steele fired their cronies and now they want revenge. I'm on Steele's side on this one.