Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cubba's Mad At Me

Chris from Badger Blog Alliance has taken umbrage with this post in which I express my anger and outrage at all of the senseless mass murders that have taken place in the past few weeks.

For the sake of clarity, since Chris from Badger Blog Alliance is too long to keep typing, and my name is also Chris, I will make the clear distinction of just nicknaming Chris "Cubba."

First of all, Cubba gets a number of facts wrong. He claims their was only seventeen deaths. In the stories I cited, there were 34, and I know that I am missing a story or two. And today there were four more people shot to death in Alabama.

Secondly, while the Constitution does say that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, that is not always the case. A person even arrested for making threats is not allowed to have guns. A person arrested for domestic violence is not allowed to have guns. A felon is not allowed to have guns. Many states deny that right to people who have been diagnosed with certain mental illnesses.

While the Second Amendment is right and proper, it does NOT outweigh the need for public safety and common sense.

Cubba then asks what I would call "solid, enforceable and meaningful laws." That is a fair question which should be answered. My first suggestion would be to start fully enforcing the laws that are already on the books. Crimes committed with guns should be charged thus, every time, and prosecuted vigorously.

I would also suggest things similar to what other lawful gun carrying citizens, like cops, have to do. They have to go through training classes, not just once, but yearly or every other year. They have to go through so many hours of practice. And most cops have to be psychologically evaluated, both upon hire, and if there seems to be an issue. If we require that of our trained police officer, why shouldn't we expect that level of safety from the average citizen. If anything, it would be more important for the average citizen to have more training since it is unlikely they would ever be put in a situation that required the use of force in the first place.

Cubba then borders on the absurd with his worry of getting eaten by a bear or a pack of wolves. Considering that said wolves and bear would probably steer clear of people as much as possible, I don't recall many stories of people in Wisconsin getting attacked at random by these critters. Odds, are they would run away as soon as they heard or smelled him.

And for the record, in my track of the woods, there have been bears and coyotes. I am more concerned about the rabid raccoons and feral dogs, but not to the point of being afraid to venture forth without being armed to the teeth.

Oh, and Cubba, your gun posts don't bother me, seeing that I own guns, I am hardly afraid of them. What concerns me is your own unhealthy infatuation with them.


  1. Nice Capper I love Winnie the Pooh

    And Like I said Capper I will not shed one tear if you get eaten by a Bear

    And what other rights should we have to go get a psychological evaluation to earn the right of using a right?

    That is the problem you want to keep placing barriers to keep a law abiding person from being able to use their rights to own or carry a firearm. That is where I differ with you. Until I brake a law and become a felon the Government has no right to tell me how I will practice my 2nd amendment right.

    Here is my other problem when Sarah Brady's like you use the term "We need common sense gun control and laws" Who's common sense yours, Jay or Tim? I know you do not consider what most law abiding guns owners think as common sense because it differs with your world view. Who gets to decided the definition of common sense?

    I will give you, I miss read your post and got the number wrong clerical error nothing more so point to you.

    But I also know you really do not care one bit about these peoples deaths they are a means to your end. Like I said in that same time period my guess is 1000's of people died in automobiles many at the hand of drunk drives but I do not see you calling to out law the cars my guess is you would want to punish the drunk drives not the machine they used.

    Gun control has nothing to do with safety it is about power and control

    And why does it bother you so much that I carry a gun on private land it is really none of your business when you get right down to it. do you hear me saying you have to carry a gun on your land no see that is the difference I do not care what you do in your private life. But people like you cannot stop caring about what other people do.

    You are Meddlesome Capper You are not happy unless you are in other people shit are you?

  2. No, Cubba, I just put people's lives over your convenience. If you having to go through an extra step or too would help keep someone alive, I see that as a good trade off.

    All the examples show why I am concerned about someone carrying a gun w/out the need. It just opens a Pandora's Box of needless and senseless death and pain to too many people.

    And if by meddlesome, you mean improving the lives of everyone, I am not ashamed.

  3. Of course you are not ashamed because only "smart" people like you can improve the lives of everyone

    See right there in a nutshell is my problem with people like you. You believe you know what is right for everyone else and just cannot stop yourself from trying to "help" them live their lives because you know so much better than them how they should be living it.

    I really do not care how you life your life Capper and unlike you I think you have a right to live it how every you want, in your case being a victim. But what gives you the right to tell me how to live my life if I am not breaking the law in any manner or form.

    That is why you are Meddlesome you think you are better than other people and that give you the right to tell them what to do.

    I am very happy with my life would not change a thing I do not need you and yours telling me how to live I have a wife to do that thank you very much.

    What gives you the right to decided Capper what makes you so special?

  4. Hi,
    I have a Post office friend and he swears by the pepper spray they give him at the P.O. Good for feral dogs coons and maybe boar. here in the city I have a 24oz Ball Peen Hammer. that I never have had to use. I am friendly with all my neighbors and we help each other over here on 26th and Clybourn. I have known guns attract a lot of bad attention. Up north they are the best thing for shooting grouse.
    Looking for ways to make my life better is the spice in my life. I keep on changing and learning. My Hmong neighbors are showing me things about gardening this week in our blocks community garden across the street at 504 N. 26th Street Milwaukee WI

  5. Chris-

    You've just demonstrated the difference between us. While we are both looking out for our best interest, that is where you stop. I look at the good of the community as well, or at least try to

    A lot of these mass murderers didn't have a record, either, before they snapped. What guarantee do you offer that you won't?


    Excellent point! There are many non-lethal ways to protect oneself, if they feel the need to be that great.

  6. What guarantee do you offer that you won't?

    He'd have to grow up first.

  7. See you don't get it you and your community do not have the right to take my rights away no matter how good it makes you feel. The rights of the individual are just as important as the rights of the collective.

    You still did not answer the question what give you the right to take other peoples rights away Crapper what make you so special that you get to be the judge of common sense.

  8. You ignore the fact that I am not advocating taking away your rights.

    As long as you don't have a history of violence or mental health issues, you can have your precious guns.

    Or do you have a history of violence and/or mental health problems that makes my suggestion so upsetting to you?

  9. People like Cubba glibly gloss over the fact that we are gun owners, shooters and sportsmen because in their paranoid worldview they are the saviors.

    He doesn't get it that it's not the guns. It's the gun nuts. He's fond of the term "gun-porn." He doesn't understand that gun porn is putting on a flak vest and calling the cops to walk into your trap. He doesn't get that gun porn is blocking the exits before slaughtering a dozen people. He doesn't get it that gun porn is four kids shot in their beds.

    It's not the guns, Cubba. It's you and yours. When an idiot like Beck claims that his chosen ones are surrounded and calls for them to "Rise up." He can't very well be surprised when someone shoots three cops all while citing his lies.

    Cubba's comparisons to drunk driving are just piffle and smoke. A gun exists to kill things. Murder is a conscious decision to kill something. You can't minimize the grief caused by nuts with guns by citing some other tragedy.

  10. Chris you are actually pretty stupid aren't you?

    "Or do you have a history of violence and/or mental health problems that makes my suggestion so upsetting to you?"

    Chris I have not one but two adopted children do you know what kind of background checks you have to go through before you can adopt and how many times you have to meet with a Social Worker after the the Adoption? Oh and for the record our social worker a very Liberal Lady loved me

    I am going to end this here Chris when I came back to political blogging I promised myself I would not get drawn into these waste of time arguments with people like you and Tim and Grumps and I broke that promise

    I am going to accept that You hate me I hate you and I do. You will never change my mind I will never change your mind and move on.

    Leave your comments at the BBA if you want to but you will get no replies.

    You are really not worth the time and effort

    You keep working on making people Better Chris

    And I will keep doing every I can to stop people like you. Because not all of us want to be made Better.

  11. I don't hate you, Chris. I do find you amusing.

    Sad you have so much hate inside you, though. Maybe we should send copies of your comments and blog posts to that nice liberal social worker. I wonder what she would think now?